Thursday, December 13, 2012


I will not be blogging for the rest of this year and will only return next year, unless the world ends on 21 December 2012. However, I will still be visiting your blogs and leaving comments.

I know it is a little early, but I think it is time that I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year and that all your unanswered wishes may come true in 2013.

For those of you that are travelling during the festive time, please be safe and take care of yourselves. For those of you that will be staying home, may you and your family spend lots of quality time together and I hope that your time together will be really special too.

Until next year, take care and lots of love from my side.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I finished my latest temporary job today and I am rather smiling about it. I am now free to enjoy the rest of December, as I promised my family that I will start actively job seeking next year, as most businesses are closing for Christmas.

On a creative note, I feel a little weird. I have not had the urge to write much the past week or so, instead I have preferred editing. My creative juices are just not flowing in the writing department. I am also very happy just reading a few of the books that I have had on my bookshelf for a while now and have just not read until now. I can't explain it really, I am just feeling a little blah. I guess I am just waiting for 2013 to come.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


I have recently agreed to go back to my previous place of employment (before freelancing) to help out a friend for the next two weeks, which means that I will have some money for the festive season, which is a great thing. I have managed to edit a bit after work each day, which I am thankful for.

My sister took us (the family) to the showing of Skyfall. Now what makes this so great is that it was for a specific showing and we were given the V.I.P treatment and we got a free drink and popcorn. I know it might not sound like much, but it is not everyday that we get treated so great.

So what have you guys been up to?

Thursday, December 6, 2012


The wonderfully talented Angela Felsted over at ( is releasing her first novel called Chaste very soon and to celebrate this awesome achievement, I will be posting one of my cookie recipes, as the leading character Quinn just so happens to be a good cook.

Recipe for my mom’s awesome Coconut Cookies
 500 g Self-Raising flour
250 g Butter
5 ml Salt
5 ml Vanilla Essence
1 Cup of Sugar
1 Cup of Coconut
2 Eggs

Mix the softened butter and sugar until creamy. Then add the eggs, vanilla extract and salt. Combine well and then add the dry ingredients. Take a teaspoon and drop the batter unto the baking sheet, as this dough is not the rolling out kind. Then bake the cookies in a 180°C oven for 10-15 minutes, or until the bottom of the cookies are golden brown.

Tip: If you don’t have self-raising flour, you can use normal flour and just at 10 ml bicarbonate of soda to the egg mixture.

So, for the curious minds that are wondering what Chaste is about, here you go…

When he steps into his physics class on the first day of senior year, Quinn Walker is too exhausted from staying up all night with his three-month-old nephew to deal with moral dilemmas. As a devout Mormon who has vowed to wait until marriage for sex, the last thing he needs is a very hot and very sexy Katarina Jackson as his physics partner. Regrettably, he has no choice.

Kat feels invisible in her mansion of a home six months after losing her older brother in a fatal car crash and will do anything to get her parents’ attention. Since her pastor father has no love for Quinn’s “fake” religion and her ex-boyfriend refuses to leave her alone, she makes an impulsive bet with her friends to seduce her holier-than-thou lab partner by Christmas.

You can also check out the awesome book trailer for Chaste here.

If you wish to purchase a copy of Chaste, then simply click on one of the links, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


It is time for the Insecure Writer's Support Group again and honestly, I am in a terrible state of mind all around. I am feeling really insecure about my writing and life in general. But you know what, everyone goes through such a time in their life, which has me thinking that this is just my time to have a little instability.

I know that I have to think a few things through and make up my mind about a few other things as well. I just keep reminding myself that it will all pass, eventually.

What about you? Are you insecure about anything right now?

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Monday, December 3, 2012


Exciting news! Lynda R. Young’s short story titled Birthright has been published by J. Taylor Publishing in the Make Believe anthology launched TODAY! Virtual cake for everyone!! Make Believe is currently available in e-book format and includes Paranormal Romance and Fantasy stories inspired by the image on the cover. This will make great holiday reading. 

I am so happy to mention that I have the blurb for Birthright right here…

Christa can mask the pain and hide the scars, but running from a birthright is impossible. 

She’s tried to escape her grief by fleeing to a small town in Florida. Much to her frustration, the locals think they recognize her even though she's never been there before. To make things worse, a man named Jack spouts outrageous theories about her. 

Both spur Christa to bolt, to start fresh yet again, but there’s something about Jack that intrigues her enough to stay. The only problem? Someone else wants her to leave, and they won’t stop until she’s dead. 

Lynda R. Young lives in Sydney, Australia, with her sweetheart of a husband who is her rock, and a cat who believes world domination starts in the home. She writes speculative short stories and is currently writing novels for young adults. In her spare time she also dabbles in photography and all things creative. You can find her here: Blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads.

If you would like to purchase your copy of Birthright then you can stop by Amazon or BooksOnBoard

You can catch the rest of the Birthright celebration on the followoing blogs too.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Today was a great day writing wise, as I woke up this morning with two new potential book ideas. I personally just love when that happens. Such occasions are rare in my life, but when such an opportunity comes along, I am not complaining. I wrote down the two different story ideas and filed it in my "potential book" folder and yes, I actually have such a folder.

The editing is going great. I am making progress, slowly but surely, which in my case is the best way to go.

How is NaNoWriMo going for you guys?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Psy definitely does not take himself too seriously and he is just having the time of his life, which is admirable. It is easy to see why he is such an internet sensation. Enjoy.

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I know many of you, my lovely readers, are going to hate me for saying this, but aside for blogging, I am getting really tired of using social media. I love blogging and like writing, it is apart of the whole package that makes me happy. What I don't like about social media is that if you really want to make a name for yourself you have to use Facebook, which I tried and didn't like and Twitter, which I have no intention of ever using.

As a person I feel overexposed for information. I know as an aspiring writer joining these above mentioned social media websites will just better my chances of meeting new readers and one day perhaps promoting a book, but it is just not for me. Right now I just feel like I want to write and blog and who knows, maybe one day have a website if I do become published, but is it really necessary to partake in all social media experiences? Is the days of wanting to be a private person over?

All the online articles I read about wanting to be a writer talks about how you are nobody if you are not on Facebook and Twitter and strangely enough, being a nobody in those terms kind of appeals to me. I mean come on, why is blogging not good enough? Anyone who reads my blog knows how personal my posts can get and when it comes to interacting with readers, why are emails and comments left on my blog not enough?

I love blogging because I do feel that I interact with great people and I always feel great when I do. It is the form of social media that I have come to love and it fits my personality the best. So is it okay to just blog or do you need the other stuff too? Which do you prefer?

Friday, November 16, 2012


I have printed my full manuscript and I am slowly but surely working my through it. The editing is going well and I am even enjoying it. Surprise, surprise, I know. I think it is probably because there is no rush with this book, as it is the second book of my Immortal series. The first book is currently with my agent.

I have had a great idea for the third book in the series, but when I went to sit at my computer, I had a bit of a hard time writing the first chapter. I always find writing the first chapter of a novel to be the hardest thing. I find it hard as I never really know where to begin and how much information tends to be too much. I know that I have to get the reader's attention from the get go, but I don't want to confuse anyone either. I think I have to check out the first chapter of my favorite novels and see how the professionals did it.


Just got back from the showing of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and you guys will not be disappointed.  It does not matter whether you are a fan of the books or previous movies or not. The movie was action packed and the pace kept moving along, so there were none of those awkward moments that were there with the other movies. There was a lot of the humour that was present in the books and which the other movies lacked. It was just a great movie to watch. I am rather sad that this is the end of it all, but in a way I am happy too, as I got to see each book transformed into a movie. We all got to share in the journey. 

I left smiling and feeling a little jealous of Stephenie Meyer and her great concept, that just so happened to touch the hearts of millions of people around the world. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As most of you know I have been job hunting, but what you did not know was that I still kept my account with Elance. I was naive and hoping that my freelancing bad luck would change, but divine intervention definitely helped me change my mind. Yesterday I met a new client on Elance that wanted me to write articles for him and he was all polite and stuff, but I should have been more weary because I was not officially awarded the job yet.

He gave me all the information last night so that I could start writing and when I emailed him about where I should submit the work to, the guy gives me his personal email address instead of having me work through Elance. Keep in mind that all writing and payments and things should be done through Elance. So when I started asking about how my payment would work, he asks me for my PayPal number and when I mentioned that I don't use PayPal because all my payments go through Elance and that any payments to writers should be done through Elance, the guy emails me back with insults and rudeness, going on about how I was wasting his time and how I was not serious about wanting to work and how I would never find another job again and just being an all round horrible person. Of course he ranted on and on about how he no longer wanted me to work for him...

My point is that if he was not doing anything wrong, why not just answer my questions? Why did he have to be impolite like that, because no professional person acts like that. I of course reported the incident to Elance, because believe it or not, this is not the first time a client wanted to pay me outside Elance and of course that is a violation of the company policy. I have always only worked through Elance and this time was not going to be any different.

Now I am feeling that I have finally had enough of Elance and after this complaint has been settled, I am going to give up freelance writing for good and cancel my account with the company. I am not cut out to work with people. I know that. You guys have no idea how much this guy's emails have affected me and even though I am angry, I am also very hurt. I can now see that freelancing is not for me.

What other jobs are there where you do not have to work with people? Aside for you guys, I am loosing confidence in the rest of humanity.

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I had written up an editing strategy for my second book, but I must now admit that I deviated from it and printed out my manuscript regardless. I could not make anymore changes on the computer. My eyes were starting to hurt and I was overlooking obvious mistakes. So, I printed the manuscript a lot earlier than planned, after all, I already fixed most of the obvious mistakes. I am sure editing will be a lot easier with this method, though, I do feel guilty for using so much paper. But it had to be done.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Last night was one of the best nights of my life. My sisters surprised me with tickets to the Linkin Park Concert in Cape Town and man, oh, man was it an experience! There were all kinds of people from different kinds of backgrounds, it did not matter, everyone united for this wonderful event.

 Cape Town Stadium

The Kongos were the opening act and did a fantastic job in creating the perfect musical vibe and even local Cape Town star Jack Parow made an appearance and instantly made the crowd take the enjoyment to another level. So when it was time for the main act, everyone was all revved up and ecstatic to see the band live and singing all the songs we love. They just so happen to be one of my favorite bands!

 View from Cape Town Stadium

It goes without saying that Linkin Park was absolutely and mind blowingly brilliant. I enjoyed myself so much that it was truly an experience I will never forget. My family and I sang along, we head banged when the music called for it and screamed when Chester, the lead singer instructed. I will even go so far as to say that this was the perfect experience to make me forget about all the bad ones the past few weeks.

My view of the stage

Sadly though, as we left we heard about a local advertising tower that had collapsed on top of several Linking Park fans, due to strong winds and that there were many fans injured and as far as I know, one lady died. My prayers and sympathy goes out to all the victims and their families. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


When it comes to insecurities, I have to admit I have plenty. It would be a lot easier listing the few things I am not insecure about, than to name all my insecurities, because let me tell you, we would be here for days. But I guess the biggest thing I have a problem with is that I do not know who I am without writing.

I am now in the process of job hunting, after working as a freelance writer (unsuccessfully). I loved freelancing. I got to work from home, work my own hours and I got to write, which is what I love. However, regular day jobs don’t have those perks and to be honest, I have become so accustomed to being my own boss, that I find it really hard to come to terms with doing yet another job I do not like. But, now that I will no longer be writing full time, I am really insecure. Not just as a person, but as a writer as well. I failed at finding regular clients and if my writing was so good, I should not have had a problem getting clients. Maybe I was and still am a terrible writer. Perhaps I am just a terrible person and I had it coming.

What I also liked about being a freelance writer was being able to say that I was a writer and that I had an income (not much), but now that I don’t have that anymore, who am I? I am just another aspiring writer trying to become published and who does not have a day job and who dreams big dreams. So I guess, I am just an insecure dreamer.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Friday, November 2, 2012


I attended a party a few hours ago where I found out that quite a few of my cousins are writers in hiding. They write, but just don't tell anyone else about it, or let them read their work. It is great to meet fellow writers. I know it sounds really vain, but now I don't feel quite so special any more. My cousins are a lot better read than me and obviously their writing styles are a lot more sophisticated than mine, but hey, at least I do me very well.

So my mom and I went shopping again today and the exact same thing happened as last week, except that this guy was not as aggressive. I just gave him one look that I was sure said it all and he diverted his attention to my mom. My mom had a lot more composure, ignored the guy, closed her car door calmly and backed out of the parking space without giving the creep any thought. I admire her for it. She has so much more balls than I do. But I am just wondering, is it really too much to ask to not have strangers bother you? Is it too much to ask to not be harassed constantly? The life of a hermit never looked so good as it does right now.

Thank you for trying to break my bad luck streak Annalisa! You are just brilliant.

Job hunting is not going so good. My brother emailed me info about a job where I would be working weekends, public holidays and certain days of the week. I am not sure whether I want to offer up my weekends. I thought work is done during the week and then you rest on the weekends. I know it sounds really unreasonable, but if I need to work with people, then you can't take away my weekends. This might be shocking to you...but I am not good with people.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I just received the Top Commenters award from the brilliant Annalisa Crawford over at, for commenting on her blog regularly. Thank you! The funny part is that she is also a regular commenter on my blog, so I should actually be passing the award on to her again.

I think this award is a nice way to start this week, it is rather positive actually. So, I now have to pass this award on to my top commenters and here you guys are...

I am going to do what Annalisa did and not notify the above mentioned people and see how long it takes for them to figure out that they have been given this award. It is a top commenters thing.

Thank you to everyone who stops by and reads my blog. You guys are what makes blogging great. I am especially thankful for all the comments, or else it would be very lonely over here. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012


My mom, my oldest sister and I went to our local mall today to go and have some girl time, not to mention that I had to go out to buy printing paper for my manuscript. We shopped and of course my sister had already gotten most of the items she had came for when she and my mom suggested that we should go have breakfast in one of the restaurants. 

We were sitting, talking, ordering, when all of a sudden we notice people running out of the mall and restaurant. Of course we think someone must have been robbed or something  But no. It was a bomb scare! Of course I was not worried, because if someone had actually planted a bomb, they would not tell the police about it or warn the mall security. Bombers are mean like that. So we were evacuated and it was like a scene out of the movies. So, we had to go home and I did not buy what I had gone to the mall to buy in the first place and I was so upset yesterday that I hadn't bought the printing paper then either. My Karma must be seriously messed up. 

I think becoming a hermit is a good option considering my luck. 

Friday, October 26, 2012


I know that that I have just been complaining a lot this week and if you don't like it, then now would be the time to go visit someone else's blog. Yesterday I was editing away in my room and finally getting into the editing zone, when my mom yells for me that there is something wrong with the dogs. Well, there was nothing wrong with the dogs, they were just getting upset that a few criminals were trying to get unto our property. Thankfully they left without incident, but I rather wish we were not in the position to begin with.

This morning when my mom and I were on our way to go and do our weekly shopping, I was the one locking up and as my mom was backing the car out of the driveway, some freakishly weird guys starts pounding on the car for her to give him money. Of course when I came out he diverted his attention towards me, and yes people, it is is the same freaky dude with which we have had trouble in the past. He suddenly starts telling me how much he has always liked me and lets just say as he was doing it he was touching himself in a way that was just vulgar. He then starts demanding money from me, which I of course refuse to give him, even if it is just a few cents and I manage to flip him off and I get in the car. Then the jerk starts grabbing the door handle of the car and banging on the window. Naturally I was terrified, I have never wished to be some kind of kick-ass fighter as much as I had today. My mom finally gets me to call the police and at the sight of my cell phone, he starts running away, probably sensing what I was doing.

It is days like these that I really wish I could live in one of my make believe worlds, where shit like this just does not happen. I know that it is part of life, but why always me? It is not the first time that crap like this has happened to me and I just want to know how do you not feel afraid of it? I am scared of being alone at home even though I am 26 years old and fast approaching 27 years of age. I am like a magnet for bad events and people, honestly. I am afraid of simply sticking my head out of the front door, as I am terrified of the fact that I do not know what is waiting out there for me. The fear is just the worst thing.

I know what you are thinking, why don't I do self-defence classes and the answer firstly is that I am broke, as in truly broke. The second reason is that Krav Mega classes, which are the best suited for everyday situations, is based in Cape Town which is 60 kilometres from where I live. So driving there twice a week is also insane, as the petrol prices here are ridiculous. Though, I am trying to convince my family to get me a Rambow knife, not that I think that it would help, but it would make me feel better.

Anything scary happen to you lately? I would love to know.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I am almost done with the first step in my editing process and I know I said I would take things slowly and I thought I was, but I just think that this book reads really fast, which could mean that there is something wrong with the pace of it. It is something that I will have to look at. Believe it or not, but I am actually smiling as I am going through the novel and making changes. Let's see if I am still smiling at step 3 or 4.

I had another fight with my brother about my writing and in truth, I just labeled him a dream killer. There are people like him everywhere and we as writers just have to endure them. They add to that thicker skin that we need. So, what did we fight about? Well, he is mad at me for not wanting to change my genre of writing to young adult. I mean, come on! Yes, young adult is great and it sells, but I don't want to write it! I am happy with romance as my characters can have plenty of sex (if they want, of course) and I can kill off people, without having to actually go to prison for it. Now he thinks that I am going to crash and burn and be an unemployed bum forever, who will never be published. All just because my agent has not sold my book yet and because I have no money to show for it either.

Well people, dream killers are literally around every corner and they can take the shape of the ones we love most or some stranger or a critic, that think they know everything. Don't become deterred, because I definitely am not and just keep on writing. We just have to believe in ourselves. I definitely do and I am going to keep writing adult books till the day I die, so my brother will just have to get over it.

So, do you know any dream killers too?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I think I have come up with a great editing strategy this time. Last time I tried to do everything at once and ended up making more mistakes than fixing them. How do I know this? Well, the last time I had two different critique partners who still found a lot of mistakes after the editing process, not to mention that my agent fixed a few too, before my book was submission ready. 

So now it is book two, the second book in my immortal series and I want to do a good job, so this is my new strategy. 

Step one: The read through, which will be the changing of obvious mistakes and cutting of unwanted or should I say unneeded wording.

Step two: The finding of not so obvious mistakes. Reading through the document making sure I did not miss anything the first time.

Step three: The polishing. Reading through the document again, making sure the flow is right and that it is hopefully error free.

Step four: The printout. Printing the manuscript and then reading through it again. It is amazing how easily one can miss mistakes when reading the manuscript on the computer. Also, rectifying all the mistakes, if any is found.

I have no idea how long this new strategy will take, but it should work a lot better than the “Do everything all at once” strategy I chose the last time. 

What approach do you take when editing?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I have put it off long enough and now I think it is time to finally start editing my second book. I have been putting off this process intentionally, as the editing process truly scares me. I learned a lot with the editing of my first book, but still...I am going to force myself to take the process extra slow, as I have rushed it before and ended up with far more drafts of my first book than I had wanted.

I know that it is a vital part of the writing process, though, it does not mean that I don't fear it. But on the other hand, the more you do it, the better you get.

What are you up to? What truly scares you about the writing process?

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Once again, thank you for all the kind words and well wishes. I will be visiting your blogs again, soon.

I just got back from a short holiday. It was a last minute thing and my brother and sister dragged me along, as they believe that my recent illness was brought on by stress. It was nice to get away from the busy and noisy lifestyle, but I still missed home. My vertigo is gone now (touch wood) and I hope that it will stay gone.

I have not written anything in what feels like forever and I am excited to write again, even if it is just one sentence. I have also had a lot of time to think about my current unemployed status and I have decided to go day job hunting again. Freelance work is unreliable and scarce, but if I get something, it is good, if not, I  must find another income. Basically I have made the decision that I have dreaded. I rather liked being a full time writer, even if I was a totally broke one.

My agent is currently in the submission phase, which is the process where she is doing everything in her power to sell my book to a publishing house. We have had two rejections thus far, but I am still very excited. I know that she is doing her best, which is all I ever wanted.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I think the flu has left, my body doesn't hurt any more and at least the vertigo is not so bad any more. I can stand, or sit at my computer and type, though, not for long. Apparently I have vertigo due to some kind of ear problem, which I hope will completely disappear really soon.

I always thought it, but now I think I should say it out loud. I have the best blog followers! Thank you to everyone that wished me well and came to visit. I was truly touched and thus I refuse to stay in bed and feel sorry for myself any longer than I really need to.

A big thank you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Hey everyone!. I did not forget to post yesterday, I was just not feeling so well. I am really sorry for inconveniencing anyone who has stopped by and was expecting a new IWSG post. Instead of getting better,  I am actually feeling worse by the day, though I am only suffering from flu and vertigo,  I am taking a little time from blogging, due to health reasons, so I am going to be lying in bed and reading all your wonderful blog posts on my Blackberry. 

Friday, September 28, 2012


As a writer I have many story ideas. All the writers know exactly what I am talking about. I have a binder that is labeled new story ideas. But, how are you suppose to choose which stories to write and which to leave till a later date?

I have recently discovered my answer, as the answer might differ from writer to writer. What works for me however, is when a story becomes a must for me. I obsess over it and when I sleep, I even dream and think of it. It becomes such an overwhelming force that I know I must write it or simply drive myself crazy.

So I guess, the story chooses me and if it moves me, in any way, it is the story I end up writing. My new story, Arken men, has exactly that effect. It has me obsessing and writing like a crazy person. But I rather enjoy it.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hi friends! How are you guys doing? I am doing well now, but I have been under the weather the past few days, so sorry for that and not being here.

I am working on a new book, which I guess you can call a romantic fantasy, mostly because it is a book about a Viking-like race, but it is not set in our actual history or reality, which can't make it historical fiction. Sounds complicated, I know, I have a headache just sharing this info with you.

Writing is going good. I just wish that I can have a little more peace and quiet, other than that, it is all good. What is up with you?

Monday, September 17, 2012


Visit other participants over at

I really wrecked my brain with this one. For some reason I had trouble figuring out exactly what my favourites were. So here goes...

Movie Genre: It just has to be science fiction.

Music Genre: Definitely rock.

Books: This one was really difficult, but I will have to go with romance and thriller.

My guilty pleasure genre would be Music: I also tend to like folk music.

So there are my choices.

Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have had this brainstorm that I want another tattoo, because the one I have feels kind of lonely (or so I like to say). But, as many of you know I am still living with my mother in the family home and that freelance jobs have been a little scarce. So, I buttered up my brother, who is rather sympathetic to my whole situation and mentioned that he would pay for the ink. Of course this is when my mother went all crazy, or should I say, "The Hulk" on me.

I am 26 years old and granted, I tend to live a bit in the dream world and all that. My mother made me a deal, that if I lost 20 kilograms, that she would have no problem with me getting another tattoo. I am (cringe)...obese, so yes, it would be a good idea to get my big butt in shape. Because I love and respect my mother so much and really want another tattoo, I agreed to her terms.

It is now week two of my weight loss endeavour and I must say, I am rather hating myself right now, but hey, hopefully this time next year I will be at my goal weight, but for now, it is little baby steps. I will admit that the whole exercise thing is kicking my butt!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


I just entered the Genre's favorite Blogfest, which will be hosted by the wonderful Alex J. Cavanaugh, over at How it works is that you mention your favorite genre in the following categories, movie, music, books and a guilty pleasure genre from the before mentioned options. 

The blogfest is happening the 17th of September 2012, so there is still a lot of time to sign up and join the fun. Just go here

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We as writers are truly very strange creatures. We all have our various methods of how we come up with our fabulous story ideas, as well as how we make them come to life. With these varying approaches, our daily writer moods also vary. The one day we feel completely insecure about those words we have written, fully believing that we do not have one drop of talent flowing through our veins (which most days is definitely me). The next day we can write a few sentences that can leave us feeling liking a genius and believing that we might have written a possible masterpiece.

Some of us might be more logical, some of us might even write with more passion than others, but one thing we all are, no matter what approach we take, is writers. Writing is that thing we do that sets us apart. No matter how we do it, or if it might seem unorthodox and if many just do not understand it. It is that thing we do to make us whole.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


When it comes to writing my romance novels, I always know ahead of time how the book needs to develop. How the characters get there is all up to fate and of course, what the all important inspiration has to say. But with my novels there is always a dark twist somewhere that can include an unexpected fight or perhaps an unwanted death or all kinds of violence just ensuing. Nobody ever said romance novels have to be boring.

So, where do I get the inspiration or ideas for my battles from? Well that is easy. Check this out.

(Click on the watch on YouTube link)

When there is a professional MMA fighter like this out there kicking a bully’s butt, then how can I not get inspiration out of it? The fact that he is good looking too (even with the beard) does not hurt either.

I don’t know about you guys but for me, there is nothing like male on male professional violence to get the writing juices flowing. 

If anyone is interested, the professional fighters name is Andrei Arlovski and you guys can find out more about him or visit him over at

Monday, September 3, 2012


I am so happy right now because I just finished the second draft of my second book. This book was a little harder to write than the first one, because I wrote certain scenes first and then just cut and paste them in the appropriate sections of the book. Now I added the loose ends and parts of the story that had been missing.

I am going to give the book a resting period of a month, before I officially start editing it. I think a resting period is essential, so that I can look at it with new and fresh eyes. I must say, I am definitely loving the fact that I have gotten to be in novel writing mode. It is definitely the kind of writing that I love the most.

What have you guys been up to?

Saturday, September 1, 2012


I started the first day of spring by taking a nice walk on the treadmill. Though, we can't tell it's spring because it is raining and it is cold. But, the walk on the treadmill did provide me with a great idea for the second book and I am on my way to go and write it right now. 

I also want to say a big congratulations to Andrei Arlovski! You kicked butt, I am so proud of you. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012


It is almost the first of September, meaning that it is almost spring here. Aside for the season change, is anyone else fighting the fast passing of the months?  I am not ready to welcome another month, as I have not even completed the list of tasks I have set for myself this month.

It does not matter how I feel. Soon I will be exposed to hot days and warm nights, regardless. I guess all one can truly do is sit back and just accept change. Hell, all I need to do to make life write. Writing always makes things better for me.

How about you? Is the months passing by fast for you too?

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I don't know about you guys, but I am very picky about the places where I write. I only recently moved my computer back in my room, due to the cold winter and thus, my amount of actual novel writing has improved. I think it has to do with writing in solitary instead of the living room where everyone can peek over my shoulder constantly.

Another thing that I noticed with me is that my writing mood and progress is also dependant on my surroundings and the desk I use. If I am not comfortable writing in a place then I can forget all about my concentration. I guess it is because I am somewhat of a paranoid writer.

So, what is my solution to all my writing weirdness?

  • Rearrange my desk (I do this often)
  • Buy new desk (I traded desks with my mom. Of course I needed the bigger one)
  • When in doubt, make over your writing space (Which I am in the process of doing?)
  • Change your desk location (Which I also tend to do often)

I know that my solutions are a bit extreme, but I have a limited amount of writing space and I need to make it perfect. I need to have my writing space feel like my sanctuary, my special place of escape. Right now it is dull and there is no prospect of great views or beautiful scenery in my future.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


It is late in the afternoon and the sky is filled with black clouds. The rain is pouring down by the bucket loads at the moment and the writing juices is flowing freely. I don't know exactly what it is about the rain that makes it the best weather to write in. Maybe it is because the dark clouds appeal to the darkness inside me. I am not sure. I guess it could also be because my characters always have an unknown darkness to themselves as well.

The freelance writing jobs are scarce at the moment. I haven't been able to get one in a month, but I am still trying. I guess the news of finding an agent could not have come at a better time, as it takes some of the pressure of being unemployed off my shoulders. My family are not so pushy about me going out and getting a real job at the moment. Though, the fact that I have an agent won't save me for long.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I just finished watching The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo with my family and I have to admit, I am feeling a little unsettled and upset after watching it. The story was good, but there were just a few graphic scenes in there that really got to me. I guess what makes things even worse is that I have an active imagination. It is kind of a given because I am a writer.

Maybe I should rather read the books instead.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I am currently busy with the second draft of my second book and let me tell you, it is a mess. I was in such a hurry to get the first draft typed up, that in certain chapters I am missing vital words to complete sentences and certain areas are still going to need a lot of work.

It is times like this that I am really happy that there is something like the editing process, though, I am happy that that part is still a long way off. I am not much of an editor, if I must be honest. One thing is for sure though, I am not going to have as many drafts as I did of the first book. It was close, if not more than twenty different drafts. I just kept changing and rewriting.

For now I have to decipher my own words and figure out how I am going to make the story whole. But this is the fun part. I am definitely a writer and not an editor.

So, what are you guys up to?

Saturday, August 4, 2012


It is my oldest sister's birthday tomorrow and for once I helped out my pastry chef sister with all the goodies for tomorrow and let me tell you, it is going to be a sweet, high calorie feast, as we are big on desserts in my family. I have been trying to live a healthier lifestyle, but I have also been trying to get fit, as I tend to be overweight. As if it is not hard enough trying to motivate myself to exercise, now I will be in cake and cheesecake heaven. Yum!

But don't worry, I plan on going back to the garden next week, even though it is twice as overgrown as the first part. I am going to go in and clean out those weeds. What are you guys up to?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


When it comes to writing, I am very self-conscious about everything that I write. Even though not all my blog posts reflect it, I read the content over and over to make sure everything is as it should be. Needless to say, I also fuss a lot about every single page that I write, when it comes to my novels. I guess that is probably why I never post excerpts of completed manuscripts.

The fact that I worry and obsess a lot about my work no longer bothers me as much, especially since I know that there are quite a few other writers who can relate. I just wish my family will stop reading over my shoulder as I type. It just causes me to freak out over this imperfect piece of work that still needs love, attention and plenty of editing.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Monday, July 30, 2012


When it comes to pursuing your dreams, it can be a lot tougher than you first thought. The reason for it being tough is not always because things are different than you thought, but the loved ones that have to go through this difficult journey with you, does not always understand what you are going through or why.

When I say that they might not understand what you are going through, I am talking about them getting a bit negative about the reality of your current situation. Sometimes they may say or do things that discourage you and that can make doing what you want a whole lot harder.

I am not just writing this post from the comfort of my own home and my own desk, but I know what it is like first hand to have those you love most, doubt you and your potential, not to mention the logic of your dream. Just because they do not understand what it takes to achieve your dream, does not make you or your dream impossible.

I though about this post last night, because I always have this problem and if any of you out there have this problem too, then I want you to know you are not alone. You can do this. You just have to stay strong, as nothing worth having ever comes easy. Being a writer is always tough and I doubt it gets any easier the further your career progresses. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I cannot believe how hard it has become for me to keep up with my mind, when it comes to writing. There was a time where I could write for hours on end and possibly write thousands of words. Now, I am struggling to just write one page.

I think that I have become mentally unfit, if that is even possible. I have been writing a lot of short articles while freelancing, ranging from 150 words to 450 words, all about various non - fiction topics. I guess I have gotten out of practice when it comes to writing novels.

It is definitely time for me to get back into the swing of things because I have so much I want to write, but somehow, I am just unable to get it all down. My mind is even struggling to keep thinking for long periods of time, which is definitely worrying. But I am sure it is nothing that a little practice cannot fix.

I am starting to wonder if freelancing and fiction writers just don't mix.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Yesterday I felt really frustrated that I was having a hard time getting another freelance job and I was antsy about the fact that I am still waiting for some responses from a few queries that I sent out,  so I decided to go do some gardening. Now I know what you are thinking, "Oh this cow is lazy, because she does not want to do a little bit of gardening". But, I should mention that we are terrible gardeners in my family and our entire garden is overgrown with weeds. It looks like jungle here.

Anyway, I was rather enthusiastically pulling the weeds until my dog decided to take a dump right in front of me. Never the less, I cleaned the mess and went on. While I was pulling the weeds enthusiastically, a few ideas for a story popped into my head and then I had a few new ideas, which are always fantastic. This morning when I got up however, there were parts of my body aching that I did not even knew possessed muscles. To make matters worse, I didn't finish cleaning up that one section of the yard yesterday, which meant that I had to do more gardening today. 

I am happy for the fact that keeping my hands occupied supplies me with great ideas, but getting rid of weeds are tough. I take my hat off to all you gardeners out there. You have a fantastic talent.

Sunday, July 22, 2012


It is still cold and rainy here and I find it hard to get out of bed in the mornings. Why get up when your bed is so warm? After all, my dog makes a great cuddle toy.

Even though it is so cold, I got a lot of writing done on my second book today. My characters were very cooperative and even took me in a few new directions that I did not expect. Having said that, writing the second draft is always the hardest thing for me, because I have to make sense of the first draft, which I have written ages ago.

Anyway, the writing is going good and I am enjoying every moment.

Friday, July 20, 2012


It is raining here and I am sitting next to the fire, eating a home made cinnamon bun, which I must say, tastes better than any store bought one I have ever had. As I am enjoying the heat of the fire and the sweetness of the cinnamon bun, I am left thinking of what it is that I truly want to accomplish with my writing. Why is it that I completely stress myself out about not being able to publish my book?

I am just wondering if one day that I do get my book published, if I would finally be happy and the truth is, I don't know. In truth I never knew I could be good enough to have my work published until my sister told me to try. The idea that my work could be read and loved by others is just too much to pass up, honestly.

For now, I am just happy sitting by the fire and eating the rest of my cinnamon bun. I will let tomorrow worry about itself. All I can do is keep querying and hope someone thinks I am talented enough to help me achieve my dream of being published.

Saturday, July 14, 2012


I am actually enjoying the fact that my characters and I are finally communicating. So much so that they want the whole story to change, which just proves that they are serious divas.

I have really been struggling with a lot of stuff in my life and even though not everything is sorted out, I just woke up today and realized that I have so much to be grateful for. Yes, my life is a mess right now, but there are so many things and people that make my life worth living. You guys, all my blogging friends make it so worth it. Thank you for your support. 

Now that I am actually realising just how grateful I am, I find it a lot harder to sulk about anything else.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Everyone that has been checking in on my blog these days will know that I have been in a pretty terrible mood. I have been really down and just depressed really. Well, that is just the state of mind I was in when I wrote my first book. I used writing to uplift my mood and when I got up this morning, I wanted to start the re-writes on my second book.

It was a lot easier for me to fall back into the writing process and to connect with the characters. I don’t know why there was a sudden shift in this mental/writers block thing that I have had for the past few months. Whatever made my character change their mind and come out and play again, I am grateful.

The first step I took was deleting three chapters that were not making the story exciting and it was making the story drag on a bit. Now I just have to keep up the progress. I guess eating breakfast everyday this week has definitely helped.

What is up or new with you?

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


I have found that insecurity is pretty normal and I cannot imagine one person living their life without having some type of insecurity. When it comes to being a writer, it is only fair that most of us worry about our work being good enough, or whether our writing peers would think of us as equals, or whether they would just flat out laugh at us.

My point being that I have so many writing insecurities, that there is not enough time for me to talk about all of them in this post. So if you know that you are struggling with some type of insecurity, instead of freaking out about it, own up to it and realize that it makes you unique and then try and find solutions for it. I tend to care too much about what other people will think of my work, that most times I drive myself crazy.

Just because you are insecure about something, does not mean that you are any less human or any less of a writer.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Monday, July 2, 2012


I have been really down lately, but because I like you guys so much, I realize that sometimes I should not post all my negative thoughts on here. There are so many of you that are going through worse things than me and the last thing you want to read about, is someone else going on and on about her problems.

I have started a new anitiative at home, that I am suppose to eat breakfast every morning. Most of you will probably think that this is a no brainer, but I do not like breakfast, it is my least favorite meal of the day, which is why most days I skip it. I think it will do wonders for my mood and maybe it will be good for my brain as well.

On the writing front, there is nothing new with me, unfortunately. But what are you guys up to?

Friday, June 29, 2012


In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that I am now a freelance writer with and having been there for more than a month, I can say that they are a professional website that really does give you access to the best online jobs out there. I have had one dream client to date and my payment was pretty reasonable. 

One problem that I do have, is that we have to continuously bid for new work and then the client chooses who they wish to work with. The thing is, it basically comes down to luck and I have the worst luck, like ever. People that have less freelancing experience is getting more jobs than I am. Not to mention that people that are just as new as me, if not newer to the Elance experience, is working on a regular basis, while I am left worrying about where this months salary is going to come from. 

When it comes to day jobs, I have surely had a few and all of them were pretty out there and with questionable employers. Now I am wondering if I did not do a stupid thing by deciding to work as a freelancer, instead of going to work at my local grocery store for a regular monthly income. Yes, I am an educated woman with a bachelors degree in agriculture, which I am unable to use by the way, but so what? There are better qualified people out there in the world that do normal everyday jobs.

I liked freelancing because I could do it from home, but it has left me with less time for novel writing and right now, my favourite and best loved characters seem like strangers to me and that just kills my moral.

Right now I just feel really down and out because I am broke and the life I could always flee to for escape, my novel writing, is not as welcoming as it used to be. I feel like a turned my back on something that I loved and now writers block is my punishment.  

Depressed is the only feeling I am feeling right now. Once again my mother is right, because she always tells me that writing does not pay the bills and right now, for me, that is absolutely true.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


As you know, I am dying to hear back from a literary agent about my partial manuscript. But, when I decided to start editing my second book, which follows on the first, I found it impossible to connect with the characters or the story.

Don't get me wrong, I love my characters. I have spent two years working on them. But then I have also spent another year working on other stories in the meantime. Now I have the trouble of getting back in touch with characters that I have already decided to forget about, because I thought that nobody was interested in them or the story any more. After all, I have a ton of rejection letters saying so.

So now I am wondering, how do I get back in touch with my characters to write the second draft of the second book. Right now I feel like I don't know them and I have no connection to what I had written previously. I have been emotionally shoved around and around and now I don't know which end is up, when it comes to my novel writing.

I think I just need to read through it and figure out what is going on. Maybe I just need to spend some quality time with these impossible characters. If I must be honest, I think they are giving me the silent treatment.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Sorry that I have not blogged for a few days. I had a deadline that I had to meet and I was just not making the progress that I needed to.

I didn't want to tell you guys this, in case I jinxed myself, but an agent has requested a partial of my first book. I must admit, that it is all very exciting. I can barely sleep, anticipating the email that will change my writing future forever. I just hope that my work is good enough that she wishes to represent me. I know this is really premature, but I am ready to be a published author. Mentally, I am ready for the leap.

So, what is new in your lives?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


When I read about various published authors saying that writing is a tough profession, I did not want to believe them. Somehow I thought that when I become a professional writer, it would somehow be different and right now, it isn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I love writing. I just wish to confirm to everybody else who like me, thought that writing is not a tough profession, that it actually is. As a freelancer, I work long hours and I have to complete assignments that seem nearly impossible to finish, in a short time span. At times you feel like you just want to give up, but when that project is done, you could not be prouder and you cannot wait to start project two.

If you really want to be a writer, than make friends with patience and frustration. Not to mention solitude and determination. In the end, the only way you can truly achieve the goals you set for yourself as a writer, is to push on regardless of the feedback you get. You have to believe in yourself completely, even when others doubt your potential, because in the end, you will be the only one that believes in yourself enough to keep on writing regardless. You have to know you have the potential to achieve your goals, even when others do not seem to believe.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to get out of shape, but never that easy to get back in shape? I am wondering that right now, as my calves are throbbing and as I am trying to get back my breath.  Why does it have to be that hard for woman to lose some extra fat? After all, it only takes you one bad meal to pick it up.

Every time I want to quite exercising I think of how I now have that famous square butt, from sitting down too much. Uhh!!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012


I have finally gotten a new freelance job. I joined two weeks ago and that is how I got this job. This is a wonderful website if you want to find freelancing jobs from any working sector imaginable. of course, I should mention that the company Elance gets a percentage of any money that you make. I find it to be completely fair as they provide a safe job finding experience, not to mention the best freelancing jobs out there, as well as guaranteed payment.

I am now working my butt off and taking it all one day at a time. That is the only thing that one can do.

Saturday, May 26, 2012


Last night I had a dream about the novel that I have been avoiding. I dreamt that I was actually one of the characters and do you know what? When I woke up, I was really excited to start working on it again. I guess in my subconscious, I really wanted to do it, but I was just putting things of repeatedly. Though, for this novel, I like writing the second draft during the night. It just feels better and I feel more at ease and comfortable.

I have also been doing a bit of dancing on the exercise front and I really do feel happier, getting some exercise in me. Now it is just a matter of keeping it up. So, how are you guys doing?

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last night I took my place at the computer, feeling a little scared, as I clicked on the first draft of one of my previously written stories, which I have not read in a very long time. It has been a year since I completed it and in some some strange way, I felt no connection to this piece of work. In one way I could almost not believe that I had written it. 

Though, I should mention that all my signature mistakes reminded me just who wrote it. Getting back into the novel writing mode, after trying desperately to play the freelance one, has been a lot harder then I thought. Somehow I thought I could just flip the switch and then I could turn off the one side of my brain and then later, turn the other back on again. 

Novel writing is and will always be my first love and the desire to be a successfully published novelist is still my main driving force. But, just to make things clear, freelancing it what I do to pay the bills and if I can gain more credibility as a writer, then that is good too. 

So now it is back to writing the second draft of my long lost manuscript. Last night I had to stop at page 3, as my cat wanted attention. As you know what Katy wants, Katy gets, or else, you get the claws. 

Monday, May 21, 2012


I am happy to be writing about all the stuff that I want. I have been really negligent of my writing in general. Though, this time with freelancing, I should be able to have more control over when I have to complete assignments and by how many I take on. Before I was just burning myself out.

I have just noticed one thing in particular. I now have that famous squire butt! I have literally just been sitting on my rear end. No exercise what so ever and even with a vegetarian lifestyle, I still managed to gain a ton of weight. Probably because I end up going for quick and instant food, which always has a ton of fat. My favourite bad food would be French fries and a lot of it. I just cannot believe that my butt has actually taken up the form of my chair. That is just sad.

So, now I am willing to actually eat breakfast every morning, my least favourite meal of the day and actually work exercise into my daily routine. I have to! I am 26 years old. I am supposed to be in my prime...or at least something like that.

So, have any of you guys had any shocking awakenings? Come on, be honest.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have not been a very good blogger this year and I finally know why it has been so hard to keep at it. I have not been writing about the things that I want. I have read on the Internet that it is better to maintain a professional blog if you are a wanne be writer. The thing is, you never know whether a publisher or agents might stumble across your blog and find your blog to be boring and inappropriate. Well, if that is the case then think what you will, because I need to write about what pops into my head. I am that kind of person.

Granted, not everyone likes that I blog about all the drama going on in my life, but that is what my blog is about.  My blog even stated it, right at the top. I am a writer that wishes to do it permanently.  I am sorry if I am upsetting anyone, but that is the only way I can remain sain.

In terms with what else is new with me...I joined You can join for free or sign up to their membership options and basically they give you access to all the great freelance jobs out there, that you would not normally have access to. So what is the catch? As a free member, like myself, you only get to bid on 15 projects a month. Yes, the freelancers have to bid for jobs, but I have only been a member for a week and I am yet to make my first bid. If ever I do feel that I am not getting the best deal, I can sign up for a membership or even end my membership and go to another site like The best thing about Elance is that they have an escrow. Meaning, your money is held by a third party, so that you will still get paid, even if your client thought of withholding payment. Keep in mind, that you only get paid if the client is satisfied with your quality of work.

Oh and I started another blog. Why I did it, I am not yet sure. I just wanted to use that domain name before anyone else did. I guess I was hoping to use it once I was a published writer. As I would not be able to still blog on daily drama of an aspiring writer. I barely blog over at my new blog

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I am in the weirdest part of my writing career ever. It is the first time in months that I have been unable to creatively put a sentence together, aside for blogging. When I worked as a freelancer I was forced to write everyday, whether I wanted to or not and whether I had an idea about what to write or not. 

We all know that that is spilled milk, as I was "let go" from that job. Now I have all the time in the world to write again and I just cannot manage to write anything. I have had writers block before, but not like this. I seem to be lacking the writing factor. Right now my creativity feels like it has been sucked down a dark and deep hole. 

Just to keep myself on the positive road of seeking representation for my novel, I sent away queries to the last few agents on my list that represents paranormal romance writers. I did everything I could for this novel, so if it fails to acquire representation, then I have to start editing one of my other books that I have written previously and hope it fairs better.

The really strange thing is that there are other writers out there, better writers than myself, that are going through the exact same thing. So I guess whether you are talented or not, you just have to grind your teeth, cross your fingers and hope your turn to achieve success will come. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


One thing that I have never been a fan of is timing. If you are a writer, then there would have been some point in your writing life, that you have had the words, “the time is not right now,” directed towards you. I do not think that there is something worse than when you are ready to submit that labor of love and someone mentions that your timing is wrong and that you should either wait a few years till the same market demand shows up again, or abandon your project and write something new.

I just try my best and hope that the timing is on my side regardless.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As writers and human beings, it is only natural that we will suffer disappointments, setbacks and failure. It happens to everyone at some point in their life. But, having said that, I find that even though bad things happen, you have to go on with your life. Don't get me wrong. I believe in grovelling and sulking, but for 1-2 days maximum. Then it is time to grow up and put all those feelings of despair behind you and go on with your life.

When I recently lost my freelancing job, I cried, I sulked and ate all kinds of junk food, but a few days later, I started querying my manuscript again. Because in reality, I only took on freelancing to get more experience as a professional writer.

So no matter what you are going through, you cannot let bad experiences and incidents allow you to derail your life.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the wonderful and talented author and blogger, Alex J. Cavanaugh. You guys can visit Alex over at

Sunday, April 1, 2012


I will not be posting anything on my blog during the month of April, because I will be supporting my fellow bloggers during the A-Z challenge. I will be spreading the love, by commenting on as many blogs as I can visit on a regular basis.

Good Luck to all of you with writing your posts and with the entire A-Z challenge.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I got some really bad news a few days ago and I am feeling like my whole world has come toppling down on me. I have been holding off to tell you guys, but I have to be honest, after all, that is what blogging is about right?

Well, I got fired from my freelance writing job. Why? Well, apparently the company which I wrote for, decided to shut down their freelancing department, but I still have to do a few articles for them. Why do I call it fired? Because they used the words "we will have to let you go", which is very confusing to me. Perhaps it was the fact that I asked for a raise after working for them for 7 months at minimum wage, who knows?

I am bummed because good and reliable freelance writing jobs are rare in South Africa. The sad part is that I really loved my job. But I guess all things have to come to an end. Just when I got used to telling people that I was now a writer and no longer unemployed. People used to tell me that they were praying for me to get a job for years. Here I get one and then...Bam! I guess I will have to settle for crappy temp jobs again. After all, my degree does not allow me to do anything that allows me to earn a good income.

I don't mean to be really down, but I just feel like a giant loser right now. A loser that is still completing work for the people that fired her.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


I am really excited because I have been tagged by the wonderful and very talented Melissa Sugar, over at Melissa is a wonderful writer and she just so happens to be a lawyer by day, as well. You guys should really check out her blog, because it is exciting and there are tons of new and happening information on there.

So the here are the rules for the Lucky 7 Meme Tag:

1. Go to page 77 of your current ms.

2. Go to line 7.

3. Copy down the next 7 lines/sentences, and post them as they're written.

4. Tag 7 other authors.

Here is mine...This is from the novel I am currently querying, Immortal: New beginning.

I jumped back at the sound of movement.

There was a door built into the wall, that looked exactly like the wall. It was camouflaged.

When the door opened I could hear the music thumping inside the club. It was so loud that I covered my ears.

At the door stood two men, both of them taller than six foot and they were heavily built. They looked at me, then at Alex and then they looked at me again.

They were frowning at us.

“She’s with me.” Alex informed them.

They nodded and stepped out of the way.

Thank you again Melissa!

Now to pass on the Lucky 7 Meme Tag...Here goes...

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


We have all heard about the saying "dress for success." Well, do any of you actually believe it? Has it really worked for you?

I have had this thought that I would like to be a more successful person. You know, the kind of woman that can go into a store and buy what she wants. One that is more than capable of being independent. One that can basically take care of herself. Now of course I was thinking if I stop walking around in jeans, t shirts and tennis shoes, maybe it could happen. Maybe if I wear a nice dress or skirts, with high heel shoes, that perhaps the universe will make something magical happen.

I know just how crazy this sounds, but that is the whole thing behind dressing for success right? Dressing for the life or job that you want. I do not see how clothes can make it all happen. Though, I am 26 years old and I have gotten many comments that I do not dress my age. Apparently I am always dressing older.

So do you dress for success?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Last night I had the most amazing dream. I dreamt that I had gotten a phone call from a literary agent, but, I was out running errands. My brother gave me the message and of course she asked me to return her call. In my dream everything happened so fast and was just like I had imagined everything happening. After all, who wouldn't love a dream where a literary agent loves everything you wrote?

The awful part is that I immediately ran to my inbox this morning, hoping that my dream was a premonition of sorts and then, not even a rejection letter. My inbox only had the usual spam. As if the whole querying process is not tough enough, my own mind is taunting me. I must admit, I am not feeling that confident this morning.

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Monday, March 5, 2012


Last year was a great blogging year for me. I made a lot of new friends, thanks to the A-Z blog hop and I really enjoyed myself a lot.

This year however, I will be sitting out on the A-Z blogging challenge. I would rather not do something halfway. But just because I am not taking part this year, does not mean that I will not be supporting all you guys. That is going to be what I am going to spend most of my blogging time on in April, cheering you guys on and giving you guys a ton of support.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I know that many of us always ask ourselves, "why did this happen to me?". But the true question is, "why not you?" I know that at times things can get very tough, but there is not one experience that we writers cannot benefit from, by turning it into motivation or inspiration.

Whether you have to clean dog poop constantly, or get your children to behave or if you are just struggling with a very hectic life. You can use each and everyone of those experiences. All you have to do is be open minded.

Hobbies tend to be a very helpful thing too. I know that most of us just want to write and cut ourselves off from the world, or at least hat is what I do. I find that I am the most creative when there are more aspects to my life then just writing. After starting with my freelance career, nothing is tougher than having to just write and not doing much else. Somehow not living life, makes my writing lifeless.

So the next time you think why me, use that train of thought to achieve your writing brilliance. Nothing is worse then nothing happening...ever.

Do I make any sense? What do you guys think?

Monday, February 20, 2012


I have decided to leave the whole thing. I deleted my account, as is expected. It is just not my thing and I do not feel comfortable using it. Besides, I barely have time to blog these days and I actually like blogging.

These days I have been thinking about trying to write books that are aimed at other genre's. Not because I have no hope in my current genre, but more out of the sake of curiosity. Have you never wanted to just write a gruesome horror or thriller, wherein everyone that has ever been awful towards you, dies? Of course you have the decency to rename them and everything.

I think it is Mary Higgins Clark who said in an interview that she keeps killing her ex husband over and over in her books. Because it is not like I am a psycho or anything, just saying.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


I can be really stupid sometimes. I recently joined this social network for bloggers over at, because I received a ton of invites from anonymous bloggers, which I thought might be some of you guys, and I actually thought that I would join and keep in touch with you guys there.

I have no idea what I am doing there, I have no idea how to use the thing and I don't know anyone there. Unless some of you are on the website, in which case, come and save me, please.

I barely have time to blog, so why I joined this site I have no idea. Are any of you pureblogger users at all? Am I alone in that social media universe?

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