Friday, August 28, 2015

Getting back in the swing of things

Last night I decided to stop procrastinating and tackle my second book's rewrites (Thelum Series). I originally wrote it shortly after the first book and back then I was in the zone. I had the finer details for both books in my mind as I did the drafts for the second book. Well, last night I had to rewrite an important scene (if not the most important scene in the second book) and I was at a blank.

I knew exactly what had to happen or how it had to happen. What had me a little unsure was that I was a little uncertain about the main character's voice. I couldn't use words she wouldn't have used in book 1 and she had to think the same way, as in book 1. But I know I will get it right. I just have to get back into the zone. In order to do that, I just need some alone time. I can edit in public, but when it comes to the actual writing . . . I need to be alone. Solitude makes me happy. I have been in editing mode for so long.

As for my pending release, I'm scared. I don't really know what to expect. So many people have offered to help me spread the word, I'm in aw. Knowing that actual people will see my book is kind of freaking me out. I'm used to being the wallflower.

Also, to get rid of my anxiety I have opted for regular exercise. Yes, don't look so shocked:) I am dancing around the house these days, or walking again. I must admit, by body does feel much happier when it gets exercise. So far my depression is hiding, probably because my anxiety and nerves is kicking it's butt.

Don't get me wrong, I am not ungrateful. I'm just a chicken and most new things scare me. Have a great weekend.

Monday, August 24, 2015

I have the best friends

Thank you to everyone who offered to help me spread the word about my release. I am so grateful and humbled by your kindness. If you ever need help promoting, or spreading the word about any of your books, or projects, do not hesitate to let me know. I love helping out:)

Thank you, again.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Release date and anyone want to help me spread the word, please?

I have finally finished freaking out and could think rationally. I have decided on my release day being 8 September 2015. Yay! I still have to get the proof for my print book, but that's supposed to come this week (as I chose the express delivery option), which would give me plenty of time to make changes, if I needed to.

I also thought of ways to market my book and even though I'm plenty excited and want to get as much publicity for my book, I'm not going to have a blog tour. But, I wanted to ask if anyone will be willing to help me spread the word about my book, please? Don't worry, I will provide you with the post and you can post it on the 8th of September, or any day after that (I'm not picky). I'm trying to keep things as casual and relaxed as possible.

I feel a little weird asking for help with my own release day. Usually I like helping out others. I'm not very good at asking for help:)

Does anyone have advice for someone getting ready to publish their first book? I would appreciate it. Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

My cover reveal

I felt brave today, so I thought I would finally release my book cover. I hope you like it.

I don't have an exact release date pinned down yet, but it will definitely be in September:) Cover design done by Jennie Bennett. Thank you, Jennie!

At this moment I'm both excited and fearful. I can't believe how everything has come together. Thank you, my friends, for always encouraging me and for believing in me.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why do I do it to myself (?) and an award

Last week I was in work/ formatting hell, which was my own fault. Last week my brother gave me a large workload to complete before this week, because tomorrow, we are going to gather more data (insert eye roll here). So, I worked on the data during the day and my formatting during every other free time I had. I worked late very night, as expected. But what put me in hell wasn't the workload. Even though I knew exactly what I had to do with the formatting, I allowed insecurity and self-doubt to drive me to tears last week.

While formatting, I had an idea to look up some formatting articles and see what they had to say about formatting your book for print in Microsoft Word. Needless to say, most people were harsh. A few people even suggested that you can't get a professional looking book using MS Word. Well guess what? I was using MS Word and even bought two e-books perfectly explaining how to format my books in MS Word. Because I didn't have enough faith and belief in myself, I allowed all my hard work to come undone, because of what a few people suggested. I should have thicker skin by now, right? Wrong!

I didn't blog about my problem last week, because I didn't see why I had to infect the rest of the blogesphere with my negativity. And after many tears and sleepless nights, I made peace with the fact that I think my book looks good and that I didn't use any fancy software. Some people might feel I'm a disgrace to the self-publishing community, but I don't care. I'm happy with the final result. Having said that, I still haven't decided on a release date yet.

While I was losing my mind last week, Deanie Humphreys-Dunne awarded me with the Dragon's Loyalty Award. Thank you, Deanie! You are very kind.

The rules are:
Display the award logo on your blog.
Pass the award on to 15 deserving bloggers.
Let them know in a comment about nominating them.
Post 7 things about yourself.

My nominations
If you've left a comment on my blog this month, please feel free to accept this award. I don't pick favorites on my blog:)

7 Things about myself
I'm afraid of heights.
I could eat potatoes every day.
I don't like exercise, though my body probably needs it:)
I'm also not a lover of snakes, or anything reptilian.
I love music. I can't imagine life without music.
I used to be a ballet and modern dancer. (Contradicting myself on the whole exercise thing:)
I have a tattoo.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Meet R. Mac Wheeler

Hey everyone! Today I have the awesome R. Mac Wheeler on my blog. His writing is a well kept secret, (until now). I have read his Lycan Council series and really enjoyed it. Take it away, Mac. 

* * *

Thank you, Murees, for inviting me over to meet your friends.

I thought the best way to introduce myself is through the worlds I’ve created in my multiple series. If one sounds interesting…drop by my author page. I’ve been known to share a free e-book. Click contact.

Paranormal-Urban Fantasy
Four-foot tall but full of vinegar, Caitlin Janecek totally hosed herself. A privileged
member of a secret society she has no interest in, Cait shared an overly-honest
opinion of her queen’s clan in her junior essay, which placed her under a magnifying glass. No more free time—she’s tracking vampires, battling hunters, integrating loose ghouls into the clan, acting the queen’s go-to gunslinger.

Carter McCown is a two hundred year old shifter. A wolf. A lone, wolf. Turned during the
Northern War of Aggression. He’s not very friendly. Downright antisocial. Hates politics. So he can’t imagine what propelled him into vampire Red Court business, embroiled him into the Lycan Council. But he’s making powerful enemies, even more powerful frenemies. The latter may be all that keeps him alive.

A slacker, an autistic genius, two brawny bond jumpers—not the makeup for prolific soldiers against cartels. Definitely not blood brother material. When the shotguns blast,
the windows blow out, heads are bashed, no telling why the only one of the team hospital bound is always the laid back, designated driver.

Margarite is terribly average for parents who demanded superlative then left her an orphan. Her key asset is her six-foot height, and a love for the dojo. Her genius brother
created a super-bacteria and entangled her in a war against terrorists striving for global pandemic. If her shrinks can keep her mind in the game, she may survive.

Science Fiction
Toni is just over three feet tall. In the fourth millennium there’s no excuse for that not
being corrected in utero. An orphan, she grew up fast, tough, and smart. She designs ships that confound the brightest who say multiple FTL drives is impossible. She won’t share her specs. That paints a target on her back. But the wee sly one more than survives.

Other-world Fantasy
Justen is single-born—in a world of twins, one always male, one female, who share a
telepathic connection. Ostracized among other royals for his bizarre birth, half a soul, a single consciousness, he battles to be accepted. He is turning to arcane powers considered taboo, which further alienate him. But he’ll need those skills to survive the coming war.

High Fantasy
Ogre Ike is a gentle giant. One of the first in memory to bond with a dragon. He’d like
nothing more than to be left alone to his craft, but his village and clan propel him into leadership. To survive racial war, goblins, trolls, daemons, and orcs against the humans and little people, he must turn the mistrust to keep peace.

Again, thanks, Murees, for the forum. Meet me over at

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The dreaded writer's guilt (IWSG)

I read an interesting post/article by Colleen M. Story about writer's guilt recently and I truly connected with a lot she had to say. Especially the points she made about I don’t have enough to show for all the time I’ve spent and I don't write enough.

I often feel guilty for spending so much time and attention on my writing. Let's face it, when you've spent six years writing in every spare moment you have, most people want to know what you've written and whether you're successful and rich . . . yet. I tend not to care anymore. But then there's the other scenario. We tend to compare ourselves to other writers and their efforts and then the real guilt trip starts. We can be hard on ourselves and even mean. We start chastising ourselves. Asking questions like, why haven't I reached the success of writer/ blogger X? Why does X have all the luck? Why can't I be more like X? How does X fit in so much writing time and I can't?

The truth is, like I recently discovered, there's nothing wrong with me (my family might disagree), or you. We are all different and the same goes for our writing and the ways we create our art. Our processes differ and some of us might achieve success (insert your own personal concept of it here) sooner than the rest, but that's just how it goes. We have to stop feeling guilty because we don't measure up to other people's standards, when all we have to do is measure up to our own.

Let's not feel guilty because we write, or because we should be doing a hundred other things, aside for writing. Each of us brings something unique to the writing table and we should embrace that.

The Insecure Writers Support Group was created by the talented Mr. Alex J. Cavanaugh so that writers can share their insecurities and/or encourage others who need support with their own. You can visit Alex Here, or if you want to join us in discussing our insecurities on the first Wednesday of each month, you are welcome to join by going Here.

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