Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I recently received a very nice rejection letter. It was addressed to me personally and the agent even gave me like a little pep talk, so to speak. I was really impressed and truly grateful. After so many form rejection letters I get a personal one. I don't know why but somehow it feels like mission accomplished.

What I mean by that is I wanted to try and get my book out there to be published. I wanted to really give my all and just maybe I would land my dream agent. Well I didn't do that, but somehow just trying and now getting some real feedback makes me feel that just by trying I already won most of the battle.

I know I am crazy, but this one agent really truly gave me more guts to try even harder. Yes, I might get more rejection letters but right now I am in the mindset of "GO BIG OR GO HOME."

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


It has been a crazy month for me this far. No matter what I try there just does not appear to be enough hours in the day for me. It is Rugby World Cup time and two of my sibling are in New Zealand for 4 of the games where South Africa is playing. As a lover of rugby this is the one event you just can't miss. It is what we live for, regardless of the awkward hours of broadcasting.

While my two sibling are away, me, my sister and my Mom are left with guard duty. We live in a high crime neighbourhood and we constantly need to be on alert. Yesterday was a horrible day. They broke in by three of our neighbours and attempted to do so by us. I must say this whole adrenaline and feeling vulnerable thing...I am not liking it.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I am ashamed to admit this but I am still extremely insecure about my writing. I don't really know why. I still worry about my writing not being good enough. So how can I expect others to like it or even love it when I am not even sure about it?

So how do you guys know if you are any good? Do you just trust that little inner voice?

Just so that I don't seem completely whiny, here is an inspirational quote, after all, we can always do with inspiration right?

A coward gets scared and quits. A hero gets scared, but still goes on.
- Anonymous

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