Sunday, July 25, 2021

How is it July already?

I can't believe that it is 25 July 2021. According to my blog post history, it's been a year since my last entry? I can't beleive it. Shocking actually. 

Blogging clearly hasn't been a priority, which is upseting. But it is not strange since I've felt far removed from my writer dreams and writing ambitions. My heart has just not been in it. But I hope to change that. 

My family and I are doing well during this crazy times of Covid-19, and shocking politcal turmoil. As South Africans we're used to adapting quite quickly, and just keep moving on. 

Our Baking Company is doing well. My sisters and I are directors of our company now. We've truly formalized the business, showing we mean business. It's where I spend most of my focus and time. 

How have all of you been? How have you managed to find the inspration and discipline to keep on blogging over all these years? 

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