Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Executioner Coming Soon

I finished the editing of my second book in my Thelum Series. Finally! Now its just the formatting, and other technical things that needs to be done. I have set the publish date for February 2020.

I have been tinkering on this book for 5 years, and its time I moved on. I'm ready.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

October Begins

Hello Friends. I did it. I finished my first round of edits from my editor. It wasn’t as bad. I just had to put my head down and get it done. Of course afterwards I chastised myself for not finishing it sooner. But oh well.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been getting the strangest comments on my blog. People using the comments section to advertise their own site, or products. At some point it was one or two weird comments a day. Every time I deleted one spammy comment another would pop up again. So I activated comment moderation. So I get to choose which comments get published, and not. It is a relief actually, and so easy.

The day job has been keeping me busy, which is why I haven’t been around. A smart person would start writing posts in advance and scheduling them. Clearly I’m not smart (he he).

So have a good week. What is new with you?

Monday, August 19, 2019

Moving, but not as fast, and sabotage

I didn’t mention this before, but I got my manuscript back from my editor In June. I was so excited. I only asked for copy editing this time. And my brilliant editor, Janie Goltz, did an excellent job. I’m actually embarrassed about the simple mistakes she had to keep correcting me on. Things like, using British English, along with American English in the same manuscript. And not using the same spelling throughout.

However, I have had this bad habit of not pushing through the corrections as fast as I should. I could have worked through the entire book in a week. But I’m taking it slowly. I think I’m scared of publishing, and now I am sabotaging myself again. I also decided to read my manuscript as I was applying the change, and immediately had the urge to start tinkering with the manuscript again. I didn’t think it was good enough. I had simply deleted one sentence on page 3, and stopped myself from reading the rest of the manuscript. I had done the best I could before submitting it to my editor. But for some reason, as I was working on applying the changes, I almost gave in to bad habits again. Like rewriting certain scenes, and so forth. I’m not doing it this time. Not again.

I could make a quick search and replace all similar words. But I really want to take my time with it. Make one change at a time. Though I won't lie. I'm frustrating myself. And I know I have to start pushing, and motivating myself.

Why is it you think that we keep wanting to write the same book over and over, and then never moving on to the next book? Or is this problem just me?

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Angry at Social Media

When it comes to social media, I am addicted. Or at least I was. I don’t really do Facebook, unless I have to share news about my books, or something I am working on. Twitter not so much either. Pinterest; Sure, for research. Especially about items, or lifestyles, I will never be able to afford. Instagram is my social media of choice at the moment. You can say so much with just a picture, and a short description bellow, or not. Easy, peasy. And of course, I am getting back to blogging.

But I have come to really hate social media. 20th of June my Chef sister and I were in a car accident, on our way to make a delivery. We are okay. We both have whiplash, and of course our bodies hurt, and we are a bit black and blue. But what really bothered me, was that after we pushed away the airbags, and I was checking on my sister, I saw people crowd around the broken up car to take photos. Of the car, of us . . . It was perverse. Such a violation of privacy. My sister was unconscious for a while, and people were taking photos, and making videos, as I tried to wake her, and just find out how badly she was hurt. Nobody called for help, or the police. They just stood there. I had to call for help myself, even though I asked for someone to call the police.

Have we as people become so desensitized to trauma, or human life, and suffering that we just don’t care about anything, or anyone else anymore? Is privacy, and compassion truly a thing of the past? 

Not for me. I still try to be a descent person. I don’t live my life through a lens. I sometimes share certain aspects of my life, yes, but I decide which, and it’s about my author self. I don’t have any social media profiles for myself (personally), but the writer part of me does. I don’t do it for attention, even though I do get an adrenaline rush every time someone leaves a comment, or likes something I said (wrote).

I started using various social media platforms to spread word of my writing, and book. For business purposes (wink-wink) However, these days I don’t have much authorly news to share, so I mostly read what others are posting, and sharing. Cute cat/ dog videos. Nice quotes. The funnier, the better. Also, articles about archaeological finds . . . Stuff like that.

But I do fear that I have become so addicted to those daily funnies, that I will become one of those people that forget to be human. Who walk around texting without looking up, or to see where they are going.

I have wanted to close my Facebook account many times, but I have made a few fellow South African friends that want to know about when I am publishing again, wanting to buy the next book, and so forth. Facebook is their social media of choice. So I don’t want to lose the small audience I have built there.

Aside for blogging, I’m angry at social media. I will look, but not participate for a while.

How do you feel about social media?

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Finding a routine

It is the end of May, and I can’t believe that we are halfway through the year. It has definitely just flown by.

My current work in progress is going well. I am enjoying my writing so much. I won’t lie, I’m still struggling to get a proper routine, or to write regularly. As I previously mentioned, I work for my sister in her Artisanal baking/ food business. So the hours are long, and the work is hard. So sometimes I’m too tired to do much when I’m done working.

But I think that is the struggle with all creatives. You have to pay the bills, as well as be true to your creative passion. So I write when I can, and make the best of that time. Some of us just don’t get to have the luxury of a routine. I know I don’t. But I fight to make time, and use it well. Everyone's life and circumstances are just different. I think I prefer not having a specific routine.

Lately I’ve been enjoying the luxury of Netflix. I have found that it really helps me unwind. These days I love those corny movies, that make you laugh, and sometimes think the acting is questionable, but my brain finds it stimulating. I can just watch one, or two, and I’m relaxed. The stress of the day forgotten.

So, how are you doing? Are you ready for the coming month?

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Change can be scary, but necessary

I’ve always been the kind of person that ran away from change. It was too hard to adapt. To learn something new. Or navigate around something new. The newest thing I changed was that I ended my Newsletter. Nobody was interested, and, I share all the info on my blog as well. So if future readers want to find out about new books, they can check the tabs in my blog, or sign up for new blog posts to be delivered in their inbox. So it serves the same purpose of the newsletter. I only did it in the first place because all the experts online recommended it. I no longer follow expert advice. I just do my own thing.

I also changed my writing process. I’m no longer so stressed about my writing. I just go with it. Also, I care more about the punctuation, and spelling errors. Things that would drive me insane if I were reading a book. It’s hard to let go of this type of control. I always have this tendency to want to make everything perfect. Since I stopped the process of constantly rewriting every book over and over, I’ve become a lot less stressed, and I’m actually enjoying my writing again.

Because of my taxing, tough day job, I’ve started to worry that I couldn’t write everyday. All the experts and writing advice suggests you write everyday. That you set a certain word count for everyday. Unfortunately, I no longer have that luxury. I write whenever I can. And I make good progress. So write in however manner you want, or that suits your lifestyle. It’s not a one fits all thing. Not at all. We are all artists. And every artist has their own quirks, and ways to express themselves, let alone their working processes. So you do what makes you happy.

So that is it from me. Always stay the way you are. If you make changes, do it for yourself, and not because others tell you to.