Monday, August 10, 2015

Meet R. Mac Wheeler

Hey everyone! Today I have the awesome R. Mac Wheeler on my blog. His writing is a well kept secret, (until now). I have read his Lycan Council series and really enjoyed it. Take it away, Mac. 

* * *

Thank you, Murees, for inviting me over to meet your friends.

I thought the best way to introduce myself is through the worlds I’ve created in my multiple series. If one sounds interesting…drop by my author page. I’ve been known to share a free e-book. Click contact.

Paranormal-Urban Fantasy
Four-foot tall but full of vinegar, Caitlin Janecek totally hosed herself. A privileged
member of a secret society she has no interest in, Cait shared an overly-honest
opinion of her queen’s clan in her junior essay, which placed her under a magnifying glass. No more free time—she’s tracking vampires, battling hunters, integrating loose ghouls into the clan, acting the queen’s go-to gunslinger.

Carter McCown is a two hundred year old shifter. A wolf. A lone, wolf. Turned during the
Northern War of Aggression. He’s not very friendly. Downright antisocial. Hates politics. So he can’t imagine what propelled him into vampire Red Court business, embroiled him into the Lycan Council. But he’s making powerful enemies, even more powerful frenemies. The latter may be all that keeps him alive.

A slacker, an autistic genius, two brawny bond jumpers—not the makeup for prolific soldiers against cartels. Definitely not blood brother material. When the shotguns blast,
the windows blow out, heads are bashed, no telling why the only one of the team hospital bound is always the laid back, designated driver.

Margarite is terribly average for parents who demanded superlative then left her an orphan. Her key asset is her six-foot height, and a love for the dojo. Her genius brother
created a super-bacteria and entangled her in a war against terrorists striving for global pandemic. If her shrinks can keep her mind in the game, she may survive.

Science Fiction
Toni is just over three feet tall. In the fourth millennium there’s no excuse for that not
being corrected in utero. An orphan, she grew up fast, tough, and smart. She designs ships that confound the brightest who say multiple FTL drives is impossible. She won’t share her specs. That paints a target on her back. But the wee sly one more than survives.

Other-world Fantasy
Justen is single-born—in a world of twins, one always male, one female, who share a
telepathic connection. Ostracized among other royals for his bizarre birth, half a soul, a single consciousness, he battles to be accepted. He is turning to arcane powers considered taboo, which further alienate him. But he’ll need those skills to survive the coming war.

High Fantasy
Ogre Ike is a gentle giant. One of the first in memory to bond with a dragon. He’d like
nothing more than to be left alone to his craft, but his village and clan propel him into leadership. To survive racial war, goblins, trolls, daemons, and orcs against the humans and little people, he must turn the mistrust to keep peace.

Again, thanks, Murees, for the forum. Meet me over at

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