Monday, May 21, 2012


I am happy to be writing about all the stuff that I want. I have been really negligent of my writing in general. Though, this time with freelancing, I should be able to have more control over when I have to complete assignments and by how many I take on. Before I was just burning myself out.

I have just noticed one thing in particular. I now have that famous squire butt! I have literally just been sitting on my rear end. No exercise what so ever and even with a vegetarian lifestyle, I still managed to gain a ton of weight. Probably because I end up going for quick and instant food, which always has a ton of fat. My favourite bad food would be French fries and a lot of it. I just cannot believe that my butt has actually taken up the form of my chair. That is just sad.

So, now I am willing to actually eat breakfast every morning, my least favourite meal of the day and actually work exercise into my daily routine. I have to! I am 26 years old. I am supposed to be in my prime...or at least something like that.

So, have any of you guys had any shocking awakenings? Come on, be honest.

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