Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last night I took my place at the computer, feeling a little scared, as I clicked on the first draft of one of my previously written stories, which I have not read in a very long time. It has been a year since I completed it and in some some strange way, I felt no connection to this piece of work. In one way I could almost not believe that I had written it. 

Though, I should mention that all my signature mistakes reminded me just who wrote it. Getting back into the novel writing mode, after trying desperately to play the freelance one, has been a lot harder then I thought. Somehow I thought I could just flip the switch and then I could turn off the one side of my brain and then later, turn the other back on again. 

Novel writing is and will always be my first love and the desire to be a successfully published novelist is still my main driving force. But, just to make things clear, freelancing it what I do to pay the bills and if I can gain more credibility as a writer, then that is good too. 

So now it is back to writing the second draft of my long lost manuscript. Last night I had to stop at page 3, as my cat wanted attention. As you know what Katy wants, Katy gets, or else, you get the claws. 


  1. Definitely, just write, every day. The switch will flip.

  2. Tonja - Thank you. I will push myself.

  3. Little by little is better than nothing at all

  4. I'm always shocked at some of my old writing. I can't believe I write some things and forget all about them.
    Keep writing...no matter what.

  5. Keep on writing, no matter how you feel...
    You will get there!

  6. I love reading some of my old work - especially if it's actually not that bad. I hope you liked what you read.

  7. That's funny. My cat can also be demanding.

  8. Michelle - Thank you for all the support.

    Annalisa - I did actually, but it needs a lot of work. But the potential is there. Thank you.

    Mary - Oh, how they can rule one's life. I am glad my cat is not the only cat that is that extra bossy.


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