Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have not been a very good blogger this year and I finally know why it has been so hard to keep at it. I have not been writing about the things that I want. I have read on the Internet that it is better to maintain a professional blog if you are a wanne be writer. The thing is, you never know whether a publisher or agents might stumble across your blog and find your blog to be boring and inappropriate. Well, if that is the case then think what you will, because I need to write about what pops into my head. I am that kind of person.

Granted, not everyone likes that I blog about all the drama going on in my life, but that is what my blog is about.  My blog even stated it, right at the top. I am a writer that wishes to do it permanently.  I am sorry if I am upsetting anyone, but that is the only way I can remain sain.

In terms with what else is new with me...I joined You can join for free or sign up to their membership options and basically they give you access to all the great freelance jobs out there, that you would not normally have access to. So what is the catch? As a free member, like myself, you only get to bid on 15 projects a month. Yes, the freelancers have to bid for jobs, but I have only been a member for a week and I am yet to make my first bid. If ever I do feel that I am not getting the best deal, I can sign up for a membership or even end my membership and go to another site like The best thing about Elance is that they have an escrow. Meaning, your money is held by a third party, so that you will still get paid, even if your client thought of withholding payment. Keep in mind, that you only get paid if the client is satisfied with your quality of work.

Oh and I started another blog. Why I did it, I am not yet sure. I just wanted to use that domain name before anyone else did. I guess I was hoping to use it once I was a published writer. As I would not be able to still blog on daily drama of an aspiring writer. I barely blog over at my new blog

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