Tuesday, November 13, 2012


As most of you know I have been job hunting, but what you did not know was that I still kept my account with Elance. I was naive and hoping that my freelancing bad luck would change, but divine intervention definitely helped me change my mind. Yesterday I met a new client on Elance that wanted me to write articles for him and he was all polite and stuff, but I should have been more weary because I was not officially awarded the job yet.

He gave me all the information last night so that I could start writing and when I emailed him about where I should submit the work to, the guy gives me his personal email address instead of having me work through Elance. Keep in mind that all writing and payments and things should be done through Elance. So when I started asking about how my payment would work, he asks me for my PayPal number and when I mentioned that I don't use PayPal because all my payments go through Elance and that any payments to writers should be done through Elance, the guy emails me back with insults and rudeness, going on about how I was wasting his time and how I was not serious about wanting to work and how I would never find another job again and just being an all round horrible person. Of course he ranted on and on about how he no longer wanted me to work for him...

My point is that if he was not doing anything wrong, why not just answer my questions? Why did he have to be impolite like that, because no professional person acts like that. I of course reported the incident to Elance, because believe it or not, this is not the first time a client wanted to pay me outside Elance and of course that is a violation of the company policy. I have always only worked through Elance and this time was not going to be any different.

Now I am feeling that I have finally had enough of Elance and after this complaint has been settled, I am going to give up freelance writing for good and cancel my account with the company. I am not cut out to work with people. I know that. You guys have no idea how much this guy's emails have affected me and even though I am angry, I am also very hurt. I can now see that freelancing is not for me.

What other jobs are there where you do not have to work with people? Aside for you guys, I am loosing confidence in the rest of humanity.

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