Friday, November 2, 2012


I attended a party a few hours ago where I found out that quite a few of my cousins are writers in hiding. They write, but just don't tell anyone else about it, or let them read their work. It is great to meet fellow writers. I know it sounds really vain, but now I don't feel quite so special any more. My cousins are a lot better read than me and obviously their writing styles are a lot more sophisticated than mine, but hey, at least I do me very well.

So my mom and I went shopping again today and the exact same thing happened as last week, except that this guy was not as aggressive. I just gave him one look that I was sure said it all and he diverted his attention to my mom. My mom had a lot more composure, ignored the guy, closed her car door calmly and backed out of the parking space without giving the creep any thought. I admire her for it. She has so much more balls than I do. But I am just wondering, is it really too much to ask to not have strangers bother you? Is it too much to ask to not be harassed constantly? The life of a hermit never looked so good as it does right now.

Thank you for trying to break my bad luck streak Annalisa! You are just brilliant.

Job hunting is not going so good. My brother emailed me info about a job where I would be working weekends, public holidays and certain days of the week. I am not sure whether I want to offer up my weekends. I thought work is done during the week and then you rest on the weekends. I know it sounds really unreasonable, but if I need to work with people, then you can't take away my weekends. This might be shocking to you...but I am not good with people.


  1. You're welcome Murees - being as strong as your mum to just ignore someone like that takes practise. And it sounds like you're learning! Go out there and ignore people :-)

    As for your cousins - I understand what you mean about not feeling special, but there are so many more people writing out there than talk about it. It's great you've got people you can talk to about it!

    I work weekends - Friday nights when people are out having fun and Sundays too. It's tough, but it's not all bad. You get days off when everyone else is working!!

  2. Annalisa - Wow, poor you. I feel bad that you have to work when I am sitting home sleeping and resting. But you have made many valid points, thank you.


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