Thursday, September 13, 2012


I have had this brainstorm that I want another tattoo, because the one I have feels kind of lonely (or so I like to say). But, as many of you know I am still living with my mother in the family home and that freelance jobs have been a little scarce. So, I buttered up my brother, who is rather sympathetic to my whole situation and mentioned that he would pay for the ink. Of course this is when my mother went all crazy, or should I say, "The Hulk" on me.

I am 26 years old and granted, I tend to live a bit in the dream world and all that. My mother made me a deal, that if I lost 20 kilograms, that she would have no problem with me getting another tattoo. I am (cringe)...obese, so yes, it would be a good idea to get my big butt in shape. Because I love and respect my mother so much and really want another tattoo, I agreed to her terms.

It is now week two of my weight loss endeavour and I must say, I am rather hating myself right now, but hey, hopefully this time next year I will be at my goal weight, but for now, it is little baby steps. I will admit that the whole exercise thing is kicking my butt!

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