Wednesday, September 5, 2012


We as writers are truly very strange creatures. We all have our various methods of how we come up with our fabulous story ideas, as well as how we make them come to life. With these varying approaches, our daily writer moods also vary. The one day we feel completely insecure about those words we have written, fully believing that we do not have one drop of talent flowing through our veins (which most days is definitely me). The next day we can write a few sentences that can leave us feeling liking a genius and believing that we might have written a possible masterpiece.

Some of us might be more logical, some of us might even write with more passion than others, but one thing we all are, no matter what approach we take, is writers. Writing is that thing we do that sets us apart. No matter how we do it, or if it might seem unorthodox and if many just do not understand it. It is that thing we do to make us whole.

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