Saturday, October 27, 2012


My mom, my oldest sister and I went to our local mall today to go and have some girl time, not to mention that I had to go out to buy printing paper for my manuscript. We shopped and of course my sister had already gotten most of the items she had came for when she and my mom suggested that we should go have breakfast in one of the restaurants. 

We were sitting, talking, ordering, when all of a sudden we notice people running out of the mall and restaurant. Of course we think someone must have been robbed or something  But no. It was a bomb scare! Of course I was not worried, because if someone had actually planted a bomb, they would not tell the police about it or warn the mall security. Bombers are mean like that. So we were evacuated and it was like a scene out of the movies. So, we had to go home and I did not buy what I had gone to the mall to buy in the first place and I was so upset yesterday that I hadn't bought the printing paper then either. My Karma must be seriously messed up. 

I think becoming a hermit is a good option considering my luck. 

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