Saturday, October 20, 2012


Once again, thank you for all the kind words and well wishes. I will be visiting your blogs again, soon.

I just got back from a short holiday. It was a last minute thing and my brother and sister dragged me along, as they believe that my recent illness was brought on by stress. It was nice to get away from the busy and noisy lifestyle, but I still missed home. My vertigo is gone now (touch wood) and I hope that it will stay gone.

I have not written anything in what feels like forever and I am excited to write again, even if it is just one sentence. I have also had a lot of time to think about my current unemployed status and I have decided to go day job hunting again. Freelance work is unreliable and scarce, but if I get something, it is good, if not, I  must find another income. Basically I have made the decision that I have dreaded. I rather liked being a full time writer, even if I was a totally broke one.

My agent is currently in the submission phase, which is the process where she is doing everything in her power to sell my book to a publishing house. We have had two rejections thus far, but I am still very excited. I know that she is doing her best, which is all I ever wanted.

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