Wednesday, August 1, 2012


When it comes to writing, I am very self-conscious about everything that I write. Even though not all my blog posts reflect it, I read the content over and over to make sure everything is as it should be. Needless to say, I also fuss a lot about every single page that I write, when it comes to my novels. I guess that is probably why I never post excerpts of completed manuscripts.

The fact that I worry and obsess a lot about my work no longer bothers me as much, especially since I know that there are quite a few other writers who can relate. I just wish my family will stop reading over my shoulder as I type. It just causes me to freak out over this imperfect piece of work that still needs love, attention and plenty of editing.

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  1. I completely understand. When we send a piece of writing out into the world, we're sharing a part of ourselves. And that's scary. But it's like having a child - once they've left home, they have to stand up by themselves because you've got their siblings needing attention.

  2. I also obsess over every line and sentence that I write. It's sort of like a writerly obsessive-compulsive disorder. LOL.

  3. I'm obsessive too. Is this word good enough? What if I delete this sentence? Will that ruin the scene? Should I have this character do this instead of that? Ugh! The possibilities are endless.
    I hate it when family members read over my shoulder as I'm writing. They just need to run along and let me work. haha

  4. Annalisa - That is a new way of looking at things. It definitely makes a lot of sense. Though, I would still obsess over the kid that left home.

    Michelle - Very true! But I think it is okay for us to obsess over our writing, as we can just call it a writers quirk and get away with it.

    Julia - I think obsessing over our work has to be some kind of occupational hazard. But I definitely think that my family has to just keep walking, instead of reading over my shoulder. I am glad to know you feel the same.

  5. I don't let anyone look over my shoulder. Except my little guy who can't read. :)

  6. Reading over my shoulder while I'm writing is illegal in my house - the fine: no chocolate for the offender.

  7. I don't know anyone who likes to have someone peering over his shoulder while he writes. It irritates me when someone does that. I immediately shift my position and angle my laptop away from them. :)

  8. If I were you, I wouldn't let anyone read over your shoulder. That time is just for you and your characters :)

    Also, the first draft is supposed to be crap. That's what makes editing over and over and over and over and over ;) again so fun!

    Then lovely Critique Partners take a look at it and give you suggestions and then you edit it over and over and over and over and over ;)

    So yeah, first draft. Just chug through it. :)

  9. Tonja - Ha ha! Maybe he might surprise you. I think reading over one's shoulder is one of the most annoying things.

    Tyrean - Ha Ha Haha! That is brilliant! I should try that.

    Sherri - I agree, it is just a violation of privacy.

    Kelley - Thank you. You are so right, there is always editing to make you like your written work a bit more.

  10. Oh lord, I obsess over my blog posts as well. Is there a typo? A misspelled word? Did I flip from one POV to another?
    I guess that's what keeps us on out toes. Congrats on your agent, what a fantastic milestone.

  11. Gene Pool Diva - Thank you! Yep, it definitely keeps us on our toes and I guess that kind of obsessing comes in handy during editing. Thank you so much for stopping by.


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