Thursday, August 23, 2012


I don't know about you guys, but I am very picky about the places where I write. I only recently moved my computer back in my room, due to the cold winter and thus, my amount of actual novel writing has improved. I think it has to do with writing in solitary instead of the living room where everyone can peek over my shoulder constantly.

Another thing that I noticed with me is that my writing mood and progress is also dependant on my surroundings and the desk I use. If I am not comfortable writing in a place then I can forget all about my concentration. I guess it is because I am somewhat of a paranoid writer.

So, what is my solution to all my writing weirdness?

  • Rearrange my desk (I do this often)
  • Buy new desk (I traded desks with my mom. Of course I needed the bigger one)
  • When in doubt, make over your writing space (Which I am in the process of doing?)
  • Change your desk location (Which I also tend to do often)

I know that my solutions are a bit extreme, but I have a limited amount of writing space and I need to make it perfect. I need to have my writing space feel like my sanctuary, my special place of escape. Right now it is dull and there is no prospect of great views or beautiful scenery in my future.


  1. where I write- the only thing I need is quiet. :)

  2. I went to the library to write the other day. I spent a blessed 6 hours there. All by myself. No interruptions. It was absolutely wonderful!! First time I have ever done that!

    As for my personal space, living in a camper makes personal space zero size. So, I change the background on my MacBook and I change my blog template OFTEN.

    And I write at night, when it's quite:)

  3. I'm very lucky, I have a desk in my spare room at home, but like you, this is what I need, somewhere specific to write. I know some people can just sit down and write anywhere. I need things to be a bit quieter and more focused.

    If moving around to get it to feel right is what works for you, then that is what you need to do :)

  4. Summer - Wow, you are lucky.

    Ink in the Book - I am glad you got some great time to write. I too have a small bedroom, hence the idea to make it a more usable writing space. I agree on writing at night. It is the best time to be in writer mode.

    Rebecca - Thank you for understanding. You are so lucky to have a spare room. I am green with envy. Enjoy it.

  5. I like to be alone when I write. I'm actually very secretive about it.
    I admire the fact that you can actually get stuff done with people looking over your shoulder? It would make me uncomfortable...

  6. Michelle - I am secretive about my writing too. I am glad nobody is reading over my shoulder any more. It used to drive me crazy.


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