Thursday, August 30, 2012


It is almost the first of September, meaning that it is almost spring here. Aside for the season change, is anyone else fighting the fast passing of the months?  I am not ready to welcome another month, as I have not even completed the list of tasks I have set for myself this month.

It does not matter how I feel. Soon I will be exposed to hot days and warm nights, regardless. I guess all one can truly do is sit back and just accept change. Hell, all I need to do to make life write. Writing always makes things better for me.

How about you? Is the months passing by fast for you too?


  1. I seriously believe time truly goes by faster than it did when I was a kid. This summer, especially, as FLEW by. I think I went to bed one day and woke up the next and summer break was over.

    So, yes, I am spending more time writing. writing. writing:)

  2. Ink in the book - The fact that you are writing is great! That is what counts. Enjoy.

  3. Yes, it's all going far too fast. Not just the weeks and months, but the years - next week I'll have been married 14 years, and I still only FEEL 14!!!

    I'm jealous you're going into summer!

  4. Yes! The summer just blasted by; I feel like it should be July or something.

  5. This year (the last decade, really) have flown so fast that it's kind of scary. Living in the desert, though, I'm always looking forward to the Fall.

  6. Annalisa - Congratulations on the milestone. It is really wonderful to know someone that has been married that long and that is still herself and that still has her own dreams and goals. You go girl!

    The Golden Eagle - It is weird how the time just goes by. I hope all the fast passing time brings you some good fortune.

    Liz - Time truly is a weird thing. I hope you enjoy the change of season, as fall is basically upon you.

  7. Father Time marches on... waits for no one...
    Happy Spring Day! (although the weather here is rotten today...)

  8. Michelle - Happy spring day to you too! It is raining here, so I know how you feel.


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