Monday, February 20, 2012


I have decided to leave the whole thing. I deleted my account, as is expected. It is just not my thing and I do not feel comfortable using it. Besides, I barely have time to blog these days and I actually like blogging.

These days I have been thinking about trying to write books that are aimed at other genre's. Not because I have no hope in my current genre, but more out of the sake of curiosity. Have you never wanted to just write a gruesome horror or thriller, wherein everyone that has ever been awful towards you, dies? Of course you have the decency to rename them and everything.

I think it is Mary Higgins Clark who said in an interview that she keeps killing her ex husband over and over in her books. Because it is not like I am a psycho or anything, just saying.


  1. It's very easy for blogging to take over, if you're not careful - I think one blog is all most people can cope with.

    As for killing people off, yeah, I do that all the time, no matter what genre I'm writing in. I've killed of a hero in the past - is that wrong, do you think?

  2. Isn't that the fun of fiction - you can do what you wouldn't in real life? Although I can't say I've consciously ever killed off anyone I knew.

  3. I joined a site where people crit book beginnings, silly me, and there was one entry, obviously from a young person who was full of rage and he started to murder all the characters in his story, obviously people he hated.... so it has been done. :0)

  4. Annalisa - Of course that is not wrong. We need to experiment and we can always blame our creativity if people start to raise eyebrows.

    Ryshia - That is definitely the fun of fiction. At least this is one way of dealing with the meanies of the world.

    Carole - Thank you. I think I will try it just for the sake of artistic reasons.

  5. I do like writing different kinds of stories with characters that are fun to kill.

  6. Tonja - Yeah! That is good to hear.

  7. Hey Murees - I'm glad you sorted yourself out.
    Part of a writer's artistic licence is - you can do with your characters, whatever you want to... nobody will mind! LOL!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Mish - Thank you so much. Oh, all the fun that we writers can have in our fantasy worlds, it is just great!

    Hope you had a great weekend too.


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