Monday, February 13, 2012


Have you ever found yourself in that awkward situation, where you are attending a dinner party or are in the middle of a conversation, when people start questioning you about whether you have actually read certain books? After all, you just told them that you are a writer, so that must mean that you have read most of the books on the market today, not to mention in existence.

Well friends, that has happened to me a lot and I am here to say that it is impossible to have read every single book in existence. There are millions of books in print these days, not to mention the various genres out there. Usually you only read books that are of interest to you. So sometimes, like my sister, you only read romance novels. Other times you read mystery books, and perhaps a little bit of a thriller when you have time. So why would you expect any of the individuals who I have just named to know what the best selling books in the Sci-Fi genre is, if they do not read those books?

It should not matter what books anybody reads or which ones they do not read. It is their choice and book snobs should not gauge. I will admit that there are many classics that I have never read. I also do not always read, but it does not mean that I am a literary moron either.


  1. With true friends, it's a case of 'have you read... would you like to borrow it?' I have a great friend who does that all the time.

    Acquaintances are more likely to judge themselves favourably if you haven't read something. Just make up a book by a ficticious author and watch them google frantically over coffee! :-)

  2. I'm sure there are many books that these 'book snobs' haven't read... and you're right, being a writer doesn't mean you are familiar with every new bestseller on the market - it's presumptuous of people to think so!
    Ah well, it takes all types... you know the saying?

  3. I've read a lot of classics, but haven't even read Hunger Games. You are right, no one has read everything, not even everything in their genre.

  4. Annalisa - Thank you. I just have to try that trick. It will definitely come in handy.

    Mish - Thank you. You have a way with words that always makes me feel better.

    Tonja - Thank you and it is very true.


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