Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I got some really bad news a few days ago and I am feeling like my whole world has come toppling down on me. I have been holding off to tell you guys, but I have to be honest, after all, that is what blogging is about right?

Well, I got fired from my freelance writing job. Why? Well, apparently the company which I wrote for, decided to shut down their freelancing department, but I still have to do a few articles for them. Why do I call it fired? Because they used the words "we will have to let you go", which is very confusing to me. Perhaps it was the fact that I asked for a raise after working for them for 7 months at minimum wage, who knows?

I am bummed because good and reliable freelance writing jobs are rare in South Africa. The sad part is that I really loved my job. But I guess all things have to come to an end. Just when I got used to telling people that I was now a writer and no longer unemployed. People used to tell me that they were praying for me to get a job for years. Here I get one and then...Bam! I guess I will have to settle for crappy temp jobs again. After all, my degree does not allow me to do anything that allows me to earn a good income.

I don't mean to be really down, but I just feel like a giant loser right now. A loser that is still completing work for the people that fired her.

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