Tuesday, July 20, 2010

You can do with some weight loss!

One of my colleagues asked me to go on the soup diet with her today. She thinks that I could do with the weight loss, especially after she found out my sister is a chef and mentioned that she could see that my sister is a chef, because I look as if everything I eat is still stuck to my body. I know I can benefit from losing a few kilos, but I will do it on my own terms. I have already started with a complete lifestyle change in September last year. And it is not like all I do is eat. Yes, I will eat some junk food every now and then, but it is not like all I do the whole day is over eat.

Anyway, everyday she starts off our day with more weight remarks and I can't ignore her because my desk is right next to hers. Maybe I am too sensitive but I think that there is something wrong with my human chemistry or something. I keep on pulling all the mean people to me and I don't want to keep saying that I am not a peoples person because that makes me sound like a complete freak of nature.

Honestly, I do struggle with my weight, but I am doing something about it. I already made peace with the fact that I wont lose all the weight fast. It will take time and I would rather make sure the weight stays off instead of picking every kilo back up after a week. Usually my writing is my coping mechanism, but I haven't been doing much of that lately, which probably explains my horrid mood.

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