Monday, July 26, 2010

When anger is connected to your tear ducts

I am embarrassed to admit it but it seems my anger is connected to my tear ducts. My brother shouted at me in public a few days ago and I felt upset and after a few minutes, when the event played back in my mind and I became even more infuriated, did I notice tears welling up in my eyes.

I usually don't cry easily, but my family members, my brother especially has a way of making you feel very small and insignificant. My unimpressive employment history makes it even easier to hit a sore spot. But most importantly, my brother is the kind of guy you don't show any form of weakness, because he is the type that can eat you alive and at that moment the tears could not be helped.

We are still not talking to each other. The whole house has a weird vibe and my brother does not seem to act as if he did anything wrong. I refuse to talk to him if that is going to be his attitude towards me. I might be an underachiever, but I am a human being dammit and just because he is my brother doesn't mean he can treat me like shit.

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