Friday, July 9, 2010


For the sake of not wanting to come across as being deceitful, I thought I should mention that my birth name is not Murees Dupé. It is my pen name that I promised my family I would use so that my writing ambitions were not associated with their good name at all. My family didn't want to be embarrassed when after trying my best to pursue a writing career, it turns out I have absolutely no writing talent what so ever.

So, I am sorry if it may come across as deceitful, but if I want to write it has to be anonymously. Though funny enough, my pen name is really close to my real name. Ha! Ha!

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  1. Well, it's a great pen name. I don't think it matters what name you write under as long as you write!
    You mentioned w/ the new job (awesome) that you don't have as much time to write. Give yourself time to adjust to your new schedule and you will find time in there to write and edit.
    I am writing now when my husband leaves for work very early in the AM. It's hard but I figure if he is up I should be up and I might as well write.


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