Friday, July 9, 2010


I got off from work today, because I had to renew my drivers licence before things get too busy. Miraculously I only sat at the traffic department for 20 minutes, which is fast for their standards. My mom and I did the weekly grocery shopping and then we came home to clean the house.

My books from writers digest also came today. Now I can really get things going. I am getting my other half of my manuscript back next week, so I am excited about that. I didn't write yesterday and I probably wont get to it today either. I am going to try and finish the last few chapters of my manuscript this weekend. I hate editing at work, because I can't deal with it when people star reading over your shoulder.

Well, I guess I have to start editing now. And I know I am a freak, but I am going to watch eclipse again, tonight. It's OK, you can judge me.

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