Thursday, July 8, 2010


I started working today and it went well. Everyone was happy to see me, but whether they were really happy or just being nice for face sake, I will never know. Basically all I do is man the switchboard and help visitors with their inquiries.

I edited three chapters while sitting at my desk, today. It was a really quiet day and I was surprised I got so much done. I am a little bummed because I don't seem to have any energy left to write. And this was exactly what I was afraid of. Now that I am back at a demanding job I don't get time to write, accept on weekends, but at least I am getting a lot of editing done.

I am afraid to say it but things are actually going well for me for a change. Accept that one of my friends sent me one of those chain letters that say ''if you don't foreword this you will have a lifetime of bad luck''. Personally I don't believe in stuff like that and why the hell, would a friend send you crap like that? I wouldn't send another person an email like that. So, if anything happens to me and I am no longer blogging, then you know my friends little email got me.

I am going to edit a few more chapters. I feel inspired and determined to make that manuscript shine. I am actually excited to get to the stage where I get my first rejection letter. It sounds weird I know.

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