Monday, July 5, 2010


I worked as a temporary receptionist today and it was OK. I was very busy, but I took a notebook with me and got a lot of writing done regardless. It is just very weird for me pretending to be smiley and friendly. I guess it comes with the job. Not that I'm not normally friendly, but I do fear people in general. I am a freak like that.

I got a few very good ideas while I was working. However I still struggle to make my two main characters appear in love. It is a lot harder then people think it is and yes, it is necessary for this story, seeing that it follows on my first one and as you can imagine the characters relationship evolves. I end up making a passionate scene sound really corny and the flow is all wrong. I still need a lot of work in that department. My first manuscript is going to need a lot of work too, before it is going to be anywhere near ready for submission.

Now I am torn. Do I write on the second novel or do I edit my first? What a dilemma. But I am going to try and do both. I really can't let either projects go. I know I am trying to do too much but I just can't lose momentum now.

I am still suffering from a lack of sleep, but when I write I hardly notice the fatigue. I don't mind losing sleep but I do mind the nightmares I have whenever I try to sleep. Overactive imagination I guess. For some strange reason I get my best ideas late at night, which is funny because I use to be one of those children (and teenager) who use to be afraid of the dark and now I seem to be more comfortable during night time then daytime.

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