Friday, July 16, 2010


I received my first nickname at work today. I am not pleased about it at all. This guy came up to me and asked me if I was conceived on a short weekend, because I am short. Now the jerk calls me Shorty.

I suppose it could have been worse, but it is still rude. I just laughed off his insensitive comment, not wanting to show him that his comment upset me. I refused to give him the satisfaction. In reality I felt like punching him square in the face and let me tell you I was really close too. But I remembered how hard it was for me to get a job before and to end up unemployed again because of an ass like that, was just not worth it. Rest assured, I will have a character who will kick the crap out of a guy with a similar attitude in my next novel. I will get my revenge.

I wrote a bit at work again today. But besides the few pages at work, I don't really write a lot at the moment. Our computer needs to be reformatted or defragmented, which ever, I am useless with computer terminology. So, I don't want to write or edit until that is done. I already have so many copies of my two manuscripts that it is driving me crazy. I have this fear that after they cleaned the hard drive or what ever it is they do, that none of my back ups are going to work and I would have to retype both manuscripts. Can you imagine that? My family would have to rush me off to the emergency room for resuscitation because believe you me, I would die right there and then.

Shorty! Urgh! I can't help that I am short and I hate it even more that it is still bothering me. But I guess it is a small taste of what it will be like when I start submitting my manuscript. Agents and editors are ruthless and just as demeaning with their responses.


  1. No way! Agents and editors are not going to call you names and if they do they don't have any integrity and you don't want to work with them anyway.
    Ignore the jerk. You are so right, he is not worth losing your job over.
    You need a jump drive / USB flash drive! You can get them from Amazon or Best Buy. 4G or 8G would more than hold your manuscripts. $25.00 investment for peace of mind.
    I save it on my computer, on a jump drive and on an external hard drive.
    If you have an external email (google/yahoo) you could always email it to yourself as an attachment and then just leave it there.
    Better paranoid than sorry!

  2. Thank you. I will definitely take your advice on using the flash drive and I am even going to copy it unto a cd (just in case).


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