Sunday, July 11, 2010


As the title of this post suggests, I am extremely tired. I spent most of my weekend editing and studying. I finally finished my half of my manuscript. It is mainly thanks to my mild case of over compulsive disorder. Once I started I just couldn't stop editing till I was finished and satisfied with the end results.

I haven't started making changes on the computer yet. I think that might take a lot longer to fix. After all, I made quite a lot of changes and I already know that I want to rewrite the first three chapters. I need to make it a bit more original and a lot more memorable.

I am psyching myself up for work tomorrow. I don't think I will ever get use to working with people. It will always be a source of fear and intimidation for me, but it is also a great source of inspiration. It gives me lots of possible characters and personalities that I can use for my novels.

I had my first glass of Cognac tonight. I liked it but I still like my local brand of brandy better. I am not really a drinker, but I like to have a little brandy every now and again. Why did I drink Cognac? Because my brother thought I should know what it tastes like. Me, liking brandy instead of wine or beer. My brother wants to broaden my horizons, let me know what else is out there, so to speak.

I just hope the brandy doesn't keep me up the whole night. I need to get some deserved sleep, before I go work tomorrow. Oh, I also have a cold, again. Also contributing to my lack of sleep. But I am off to bed now. Have a great day everybody!

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