Sunday, July 25, 2010


I think my creativity might be back. I finished a whole chapter yesterday and I felt very relieved. I put on my favorite music and the ideas just came by themselves. I am also going to try a new writing schedule.

I am no longer going to try and write at work, no matter how much time I have. It is too irritating and I don't feel relaxed there. I will still take my little notebook and scribble some ideas in there, but no more attempts to finish scenes. And when I get home, no matter how tired and unmotivated I feel, I will have to write. I need to finish this second book.

That might sound simple but it has been hard these past two weeks to get myself to do any of it. I even started counting my calories again full steam and I already lost 1 kg. So, I am happy all around.

My sister, the chef, recently got an article published in our local magazine. I am very proud of her. She worked hard to get what she wanted and now she is finally head chef, getting articles written about her and everything. What is really good for her career is that the whole country reads that magazine religiously, so her future looks very bright.

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