Saturday, April 27, 2013


This word refers to any nagging or irritable woman and if I was not in some desperate need to find a word starting with x, I would never have found it in my dictionary. Whenever I meet a new male person, whether they are a colleague or a possible new friend, they always ask me what kind of woman I am. Whether I was just like all the others or whether I was different. I think most men have had a run in with a woman with Xanthippe like qualities and many times they possibly messed with that particular woman on the wrong day. But just for the record, not all women are like that. We as woman have to lift our opinions and be heard, but not to the point where the males in our lives want to strangle us. I know it is hard, but for the sake of keeping the peace and all that…


  1. Hello, My friend... to see my entry on Xanthippe, come visit me at
    I think you might enjoy reading it. I certainly enjoyed yours. :)
    Best regards to you. Ruby

  2. Name that word is a mouthful. Thanks for sharing, I learn something new everyday.

  3. That is a great word. I'll have to remember it.

  4. Grammy - Thank you for the visit, I will definitely return the favour.

    Cathrina - You are welcome.

    Jai - I just recently learned the meaning myself. It is definitely a good one to keep in one's vocabulary.

  5. Very interesting word. I read it somewhere... a long time ago... thanks for refreshing my memory...


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