Tuesday, April 16, 2013


How many times have we allowed one bad experience to influence how we live our lives from that point forward? I know I do it all the time. Many times we use our past as a way for us to not live in the future and I am guilty of that as well. But what I have found to work best for me, is to live in the now. Take it one day at a time, meaning not to worry about a deadline for tomorrow at the present moment, when there is nothing more you can do about it than you have already done. Leave yesterday where it is and forget about what you need to do tomorrow. Rather focus on the now and the few things you can do and change at the present. 


  1. It makes me think of the saying: Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift from God!
    Live in the moment. The here and now is what matters.
    Hope you keeping well, Murees!

    Writer In Transit

  2. Hello, Murees! That is excellent advice. Here's a great quote by John Grisham about living in the now: "You live your life today, not tomorrow, and certainly not yesterday." Good point!

    Happy A to Z-ing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

  3. I am bad about letting bad experiences shrink my world. When walking my pup we were attacked by a 'wolf dog' and I had to pepper spray the thing to get out of the situation. I stay away from that corner of the subdivision. I tell myself it is silly and yet...

    That is just a small example. It is something I really do need to work on.

  4. Michelle - Thank you. I am just trying to take it one day at a time at the moment. Thank you for finding the time to come over.

    Laura Marcella - Thank you so much for stopping by and providing me with a great quote. Those are very wise words.

    Jai - I can relate, that would totally freak me out too. But you were just being a good owner. Bad stuff like that happen to me all the time and I struggle to be positive and move on. Everyday is like it's own little battle for me.

    But I wish you all the luck, but know that it is not your fault. I hope things get better for you.


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