Thursday, April 11, 2013


Joy is such a hard thing to come by and when I say that, I don’t mean using any kind of chemical to obtain it. I am talking about pure and genuine joy. Whether it is just a feeling of being truly content with yourself or spending time with someone that makes you laugh or just makes you feel better about yourself or life. Joy is such a rare and precious thing, so when you experience it, savour it and if at all possible, hang onto the person who is sharing it with you with all your might.


  1. Joy is wonderful. I find my bliss when I realize I've been writing for hours and it seems like minutes. I find it with my kids on Saturday as we visit around coffee.

  2. Jai - I can relate to both topics that give you joy, as I love spending time with my family as well. I just feel so loved and appreciated afterwards.

  3. Joy, for me, usually comes from those money-can't-buy moments. Being with family, having a laugh, walking in the sunshine (or even the rain). And, like Jai says, when the words are flowing and you have no need to stop them!

    I wish you a lot of joy always, Murees :-)

  4. Annalisa - Thank you. I agree with you, that the best times come from moments that money cannot buy. Spending time with my family is always a highlight of mine.


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