Thursday, April 4, 2013


I love to read the success stories of all kinds of people. I especially love reading the “How I got my agent posts”, that is on so many websites and blogs. I think I like it because when these various people succeed it makes me feel better about my chances of succeeding.

One thing that I always notice in the success stories is that everyone always mentions that you have to have determination. Now this means that you have to have a sense of self motivation. You should have a strong will to succeed. Determination I know and understand to be a very important tool for any goal that any of you or even I, need to make that ever elusive dream come true. So let’s stay determined, no matter how hard things get and work towards making our dreams come true, no matter how big or small they might be.


  1. Determination is definitely needed. The agent hunt is tough, sending out sub after sub and getting rejection after rejection. Everyone expects to hit the jackpot with the first sub, but it's almost never that way.

  2. If at first you don't succeed, try try again. Right you are. Though I'm not I understand what you mean about agent posts?


  3. Absolutely. Any aspiring writer needs determination. Finding an agent or a publisher can be tough, grueling work.

  4. So true! And a really thick skin, at times. :-)

  5. Excellent D Word, gives me courage to keep at it!

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  6. It's so true. That's what got me my book deal. But then there's that whole careful what you wish for" thing afterwards.

  7. Determination is a great asset, without it you never know what you can achieve!

  8. Determination. With out determination how would any one get through the process or writing a novel, let alone trying to find an agent.

  9. Determination and perseverance. Never give up!

  10. Linda - Trying to find an agent is brutal. I have so many rejection slips already, it is a good thing I am stubborn.

    Sandy - Sorry for confusing you. I meant the posts writers usually write, explaining how they found their agent. I tend to be a bit obsessive about them. Thank you so much for stopping by.

    M.J - You are so right. We almost need a medal just for trying.

    Leesa - I am definitely working on getting that thicker skin. Thank you for visiting.

    Mary - I am glad that my post could be of some help. Thank you for stopping by.

    Nancy - Oh no, the be careful what the wish for thing really happens? But at least you are still an inspiration.

    Annalisa - Brilliantly said. I am glad that I can find some whenever I need it.

    Jai - So true. Though, I have felt like giving up sometimes, but before I know it, I am just back writing again.

    Carol - Thank you. These are really important words.

  11. Amen! These stories don't happen by accident, although I believe a small dollop of luck is a factor in the writing life, you have to be prepared to push, push, push. And others' success does spur you on.


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