Tuesday, April 23, 2013


When I speak of the word tough, I don’t mean that you have to go to the gym every night. I am talking about a certain mindset that you need when things get rough. If you get a rejection letter from a publisher or an agent, let’s take that hit on the chin and keep on going. We need to be tough during certain experiences in life and though it is not necessary to be tough while handling every situation, it is a great quality to have in reserve when the occasion calls for it. I know that I have to toughen up a bit myself, as peoples words still have too much of an impact on me sometimes. 


  1. It can be 'tough' knowing when to be strong and when to be vulnerable. But it is a great quality to have when used as needed and not as a defense mechanism.

  2. As you've probably guessed from all my comments since I've known you, I'm pretty tough when I need to be. In fact, today my mum complimented me on it, and said she wished she was more like me!!

  3. Jai - Very true. Being tough when in reality you want to cry is definitely a skill.

    Annalisa - That is definitely a great quality and I wish I was a little more like you too. I can do with a bit more toughness to me.

  4. Yes, I've toughed out a lot. Loads of rejection letters made me go "indie" rather than shove the book under the bed with the rejections. Now I have to cope with people buying or not buying.....!

  5. Michelle - Thank you! I will try my best.

    MadelineAnn - I think that is a great worry to have and that you are so brave for toughing it out on your own. I would buy your book.


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