Saturday, April 13, 2013


We all have a different way of how we approach life and how we enjoy it, but I think many of us forget to be thankful for it. I know for a while I used to feel like I was here and that it was no great feat or blessing to be here, but having lived a while now and putting my teenage years behind me, I have found an appreciation for it. I am thankful to be part of this life now, because things could have been so much worse for me, especially knowing that there are so many who are sick and dying who wish that they can have just a day or even a few hours more to live.

Sometimes I feel like I could give them a few hours, days, weeks and even years of my life and health, just so that they can live a little longer, do the things they still wanted to do or achieve, or spend it with their loved ones. I always end up feeling guilty because I do not always embrace life to the fullest and thus do not experience all the wonders that it has to give.

Even though it does not always seem like it, life is a gift, no matter how brief or lonely it can be. 

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