Saturday, April 6, 2013


When it comes to failure I always tend to feel a little self-conscious, because I have failed at many things in my life and it is not a thing that I like to share. But do you know what? I might have made many mistakes and failed horribly at many things, yet I am stronger for it. I can’t say that any of it is a wasted experience. It might not always seem like it, but we need to fail in order for us to get better. Yes that cake recipe didn’t work out and the end result was closer to a brick, but the next time you bake it, you will improve.

We will all fail at some point in our lives. I will keep failing at life and various things, but just because I do, doesn’t mean that I have to act like it is the end of the world. We can decide to have our mistakes way us down or we can learn from them and just try all over again. Failure is not meant to define us; it is merely a tool to teach us. So do not let failure rule your life and have you living in fear.


  1. No, Murees, I disagree. You haven't failed at anything, you've just learnt what not to do!! (Oh dear, I might have been reading far too many 'motivational posters'!)

  2. I've failed enough times to not fear it anymore. Still don't like it though.

    Moody Writing

  3. I believe the only way to learn what direction our lives should be going in is through failure. It's really not a bad thing (although disappointing) because it shows us to move on to something else or learn from our mistakes and get it right.

  4. You can't get better unless you fail first... or something like that. ;-)

  5. The true failure is not trying or giving up before you've really tried.

  6. I read that in the US no one has to fear failure anymore. Competition is already being removed from the schools, no awards being given for the best. I suppose in dog shows, there will be, "the routine of show."

  7. For Q = Quotes I have one I like.
    Fail Better

    You can't fail if you don't try.
    If you try you don't really fail.

    Failing is not following a dream. You have to follow the dream and if it doesn't work out as expected, you dust yourself off and "Fail better".

  8. It's how you learn. Nothing would feel worthwhile or earned if you could do it perfectly straight away.

  9. Annalisa - Thank you, you make a great point.

    Mooderino - I agree, it is still one of the worst feelings out there, but I don't fear it any more, either.

    Donna - So true, it is a real kick in the pants.

    Ermie - Those words are so very true.

    Linda - You make an excellent point.

    Manzanita - Hahah! That is one way to avoid failure.

    Jai - Fail better? I love that! I will keep that in mind, thank you.

    Nick - So true! I never really thought about it that way, but you make an excellent point.

  10. When reflecting on failures, I think it's important to balance that with acknowledging your successes. I've become a bit of a fail expert, so that's a success!

  11. I remember reading Bill Gates and he had said "it's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure." So never fear failures, they always give us some great learnings! :)

  12. Charmaine - You are so right. I am pretty good at failing too and then I am good at certain things, which still surprises me. Thank you for stopping by.

    Shilpa - Those are very wise words! Thank you for sharing them with me.


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