Thursday, April 25, 2013


Violence is a terrible thing, especially when it is directed towards you. I know for a fact that I wish most days that there was a lot less of it in my country and all around the world. I wish people could change and realize that it is not a way to live. But, having said that, I am not beyond it. If anyone dared to hurt me or anyone I love and thought that I was simply going to stand idly by and watch, they are sadly mistaken. Violence is also a last resort when and if you need to defend yourself or a loved one. I have been placed in situations in the past, where people thought it was okay to do to me what ever they pleased and I have simply had enough. A little violence is needed in certain situations to defend, but not to solve an issue.

Though, most days I just wish that there was a pill out there in the world that could take all the violence away and make it unnecessary to have the need to ever defend yourself. Would it not be great if we could all just get along? 

Not quite myself

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