Saturday, June 12, 2010


I started on my second novel, which continues the story where the first one ended, but I am suddenly stuck. I can't get my story to move past the first chapter, because in this book, the romantic relationship between my main characters are suppose to evolve.

I am not naturally a romantic person and I am not very affectionate either. Therefore, when it comes to my characters, I am just as clueless. I read Jacob by Jacquelyn Frank and she is a genius when it comes to the romantic dialogue. You can feel the suspense between the characters and I just lack that.

I want my characters to be in love and I want the reader to be able to pick up their passion and need for each other. I tried writing a love scene but it just turned out being corny. I might need to read a lot of romance novels, to get the hang of this. And I know what you are thinking. Romance novels, eww! But I will have you know, writing a good romance novel, is a rare talent. Because you have to make the readers believe your characters. Any idiot can say ''Then they made love''. But a good romance novelist will explain how the process develops and they make it sound so wonderful and intoxicating, that you yourself wish you were there, in the strong, gorgeous arms of the main male character.

I just hope that I can find a solution for my two characters. I would hate for me not to finish this story.

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