Thursday, June 24, 2010


Wow! Is all I can say. I just read some of the writing by some of the writers at writers digest community and I feel really mediocre. I am starting to doubt if I have any talent at all. I thought that my poetry was passionate and realistic, but then I read a poem by a thirteen year old girl and I started feeling really small and insignificant.

Not to mention the ridiculously articulate responses some writers give to the open discussion. If their casual writing is that good, well how great must their work be?

I still think joining other writers in a forum like this is good, but I won't post any of my stuff. I already have a problem with self-esteem. I don't think I can handle criticism about my amateur writing right now.

I haven't really slept in three days. I toss and turn every night, not to mention that I have been having really bad nightmares, too.

I think of my writing as simple, but good. I love that Stephenie Meyer is a fantastic storyteller. And like her, I tried to focus on the story, instead of making my writing so complicated, that not even I could understand it. Her writing was the inspiration I needed to get back to my own writing, after all, So Thank you Stephenie Meyer!

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