Friday, June 18, 2010


It is days like these, that make me regret that I am the youngest and that I am blessed with a big family. I love my family, don't get me wrong, but being the baby in the family, stinks.

Today I was very busy with cleaning the house, shopping with my mom for groceries and now, we have to reorganize our bathroom cupboard. Because my mom got rid of the old one this morning and we have to put in a new one. I don't mind helping her, but then the other siblings come and order me around too. And I can't be mad at them either, because they are supporting me till I get another job.

All in all, I can't be unhappy about anything they ask me to do, but I am. Like they say: '' life's tough, deal with it''.

I don't think with everything that is going on, that I will get to do much writing today. Which is another bummer, because I have so many great ideas that I just can't put down. My family says that they will start taking my writing ambitions seriously, as soon as I get my first novel published, which I think is unreasonable. But, what can I do?

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