Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, we hit our Internet cap for the month. But I am back today. I can't wait to watch Eclipse tomorrow. We have booked our seats and hopefully there won't be any problems like last time. With new moon the video rail broke every few minutes, which was very disturbing.

I am really excited to see this movie and it also happens to be my favorite book in the twilight series. I read on the Internet lately that Stephenie Meyer's twilight series is based on some of the greatest loves stories in history apparently. Twilight = Pride and prejudice, New moon = Romeo and Juliet and Eclipse = Wuthering heights. Don't blame me, I didn't make the comparison and personally I didn't like any of the original books, especially Wuthering heights, though the authors were very talented, I'm sorry.

I am especially looking forward to the bickering between Edward and Jacob. I personally like both characters so, I sympathize with Bella. Either of those two guys can come visit me anytime. Ha! Ha! Ha!

I know I am being very creepy. Anyway, I will write a post on Friday saying what I thought of the movie.

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