Monday, June 28, 2010


Every writer has a different approach to staying motivated. Some prefer to take workshops or even interacting with their fellow writers to keep them in the mood to write, sharp and up to date with what is going on. Others have routines and schedules and very few just never run out of the necessary drive.

I fall under the category of writers who have routines and schedules that keep me on the straight and narrow. Of course I have an endless supply of ideas and things in my head, but sometimes you are having an off day or an off week and you don't necessarily feel like writing.

So, with that said, what can you do to keep you motivated to finish that manuscript? Honestly? That will depend on yourself. Each writer is different because every one's personality is different. But there are a few basic things you can do in my opinion:

  • You have to keep writing. If necessary, work out a writing schedule or pick a certain time of day you feel most inspired at. But you can't stop.

  • Don't forget to eat. I know this sounds weird, but I have recently experimented with this and eating regularly helps your mood and thinking a lot better then if you skip meals. Besides, you pick up weight when you skip meals.

  • Find your own sources of inspiration. I get my favourite Cd's and listen to them when I write. Nothing like a little Linkin Park to keep you hyped up.

  • Get yourself a designated writing area. So, when you go there, you know that this is manuscript writing time. I carry a notebook with me everywhere to write my ideas in, but when I get in front of my computer, I know it is manuscript writing time.

  • Love what you do. This might sound basic, but write stories you love. As soon as you start doing what everyone else is doing, instead of doing what you love, you are doomed. I love each and everyone of my characters. I love bringing them to life and not doing that infuriates me. So, when I don't write I am a real Meany.

  • If you feel overwhelmed and need to take a break, do so. Sometimes you need to get away to get a better perspective of things.

  • Prioritise. You can still have a life, but what you need is balance. I am not a very social person, so I don't mind writing a lot. But most people are very social and they get upset if they are stuck in front of the computer for hours. So, go out and have fun, but don't forget to do some writing too.

I think that is it. Like I said before, this is what I think. You might have other ways to keep yourself motivated. But no two people are a like therefore, no two writers are a like either. You might have similar writing style as someone else, but the way how you get to the end results will differ. So what works for J.K. Rowling, might not work for you. Find what gives you that extra kick when you need it. Nothing illegal please!

Writing is very personal and it is very hard work. There is no way around the hard work, sorry. You have to put in the time to get the results you want.

Hope I was a little helpful, if not, sorry and good-luck.

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