Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have been talking to a few friends lately and almost all of them want to be writers. Like me, many of them have been writing in secret for many years and also like me, want to pursue their passion further.

I understand my families lack of tolerance for my writing ambitions, because what makes my writing any different from the thousands of other people, who also wish to be writers? My answer? I personally believe that every writer is different, because it has been scientifically proven, no two people think alike, so applying that to writing, everyone writing is also different.

Just think about it. No writers perspective is going to be the same as an others, unless you stole their ideas. You might think of vampires as the bad guy, while someone else might think of them as the good guys. Yes, writing styles might be the same, but not the creativity or the perspective, from which the writer writes.

If I think about it now, it is actually quite easy to understand why there is so much competition in the writing world, because everyone wants to be a writer. Some just want the fame, others the money and there are the rest of us, who just want your work to be read. Sure, getting paid for it helps, but having the opportunity to write something, that to you is a work of art and having others read and appreciate it, just as much as you have is the goal or milestone.

The sad news is even though all of us want to be writers and all of us try, only a very few of us will succeed. So the how do we know which ones? The best that any writer can ever do is to make sure that your work is in the best condition (No spelling errors and stuff like that), but other then that you have to hope you have one hell of a query letter, a lot of luck and tons of perseverance.

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