Sunday, June 20, 2010


Emotionally, I am in a weird place today. My neighbors dog keeps coming to me for food. Naturally I feed her, but now every time she sees me, she wants me to play with her or feed her.

I love animals. I think they understand me a lot better then humans do. But I tend to love them the way I would love a real best friend. And in reality, I am still upset about my dog that had passed away a month ago. So, every time I see this dog, I feel sorry for her and give into her demands, only to be close to tears, knowing that I missed my dog.

I don't know what the story is with my neighbors. If they don't feed the dog or what, but she is forever at our house. Even my sister's dog tolerates this newcomer. I will feed her. I don't mind that, but I just don't like the emotional bond she is trying to force on me.

I wanted to call the SPCA, but my brother said, that they will just put her out. He said he will have a talk with the neighbors about their dog, but I know they will not do anything about the situation.

Don't you just hate it when people want animals but just refuse to take full responsibility for them? I do! I hate it! People can talk for themselves, they can even tell you when they are hungry or cold. But animals can't. That's why we have to take care of them. I know what I am talking about. After all, I use to be a animal scientist before I became an unemployed dreamer.

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