Monday, June 7, 2010


Today I don't feel so great. I am struggling with a head cold that just does not want to go away. I have been doing plenty of writing, which I am happy about. However, one of the side effects of constantly having new ideas and feeling the ever increasing need to follow through on them, causes me to suffer from insomnia. My normal sleeping pattern is practically out the window. For some strange reason, I get most of my ideas in the night.

My job hunting isn't going well. Jobs are very scarce right now and my family is putting more pressure on me to find a new job. They seem to think that I am refusing to get a job because I am lazy and that I am stalling, just so that I could write.

I would like nothing more then to just write, but I know I need a job. I however, am not going to work in a supermarket. Because I busted my butt to get my degree and now the only jobs I can get are the ones any person, without a education can do. Making me feel even worse, because my degree means nothing, making me feel as if I busted my butt for nothing. But I am looking out for work.

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