Wednesday, April 27, 2011


It is only natural for me to like werewolves as well. I write paranormal romance so that is like a given. Though, I must admit I had to put my werewolf story on ice for a while. After New Moon by Stephenie Meyer, nobody seems to think my werewolves are original. Instead I get comments like “Oh, another Stephenie Meyer wanne be”.

I mean no disrespect to Ms Meyer, but for an aspiring paranormal romance author to not be able to touch on the werewolf or vampire subject is kind of torture, or at least for me it is. Guess I will just have to hang out with the nymphs and gnomes.

But, being the rebel that I am I think I will just write my werewolf novel and just stash it somewhere till it is safe to say the word werewolf again. Man, I have a long wait ahead of me.


  1. Why is it always wolf? Can't you jave them chane into some other animal?

  2. Are your werewolves just like Meyers'? Perhaps you could tweak their mythology a bit to make them more unique? I love the way the Dresden Files did werewolves, the different kinds. Though I don't see why when something is popular the assumption would be that you can't do it. It seems to me that more people will be wanting more books about what they like.

  3. Oh, and to add on to Mood's comment above...


    ;) but seriously I recently read an Irish folktale that featured one such. Well, it was really a witch turning herself into a rabbit.

  4. You should definitely write it, even if you have to sit on it for a while.

  5. Meyer wasn't the first to do werewolves so I wouldn't worry about being a 'wannabe'. Write your story in your way and it will surely be different.

  6. Mooderino - Thank you for the helpful suggestion, but the other shape shifters are coming in the next planned novel. I just love making a big hairy animal that can bite a human head clean off. I guess I could use bears too.

    Sarah - No they are nothing like hers but some of the agents I have queried say "Please no more vampire or werewolf novels". Also, my one critique partner felt werewolves having soulmates and only soulmates being able to hear each others thoughts is exactly the same as the werewolves of New Moon. But In most werewolf novels soulmates hear each others thoughts. But I will just put my novel on ice for a while. Thank you so much for the helpful input.

    Tonja - Thank you so much for the encouragement. It made me smile.

  7. Brianna - Thank you so much for the great advice. I truly appreciate it.


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