Saturday, April 16, 2011


Nymphs, at times thought of as nothing more than promiscuous females, originates from Greek mythology. Though, I don’t get to read a lot about nymph fiction characters. I would love to read more about some form of nymph character who isn’t supposed to be so beautiful that she is nothing but a seductress.

Come on people. Where are the bad ass nymph characters that, sure they are beautiful, but would kick your ass if you just looked at them wrong? After all, according to Greek mythology, some of them hung out with Artemis, who of course you know was a real bad ass.

According to me nymphs are very underrated and unfairly cheapened. I think I have to write my own version of a nymph story.

First gnomes and now nymphs. I am getting more ideas for stories day by day.


  1. This is a great idea for a story! I'd love to read about a butt-kicking nymph!

  2. how about the hydra was one really bad ass nymph

  3. I had no idea Nymphs were so popular these days.

  4. I'm trying to come up with reason why there have not been any butt-kicking nymphs, and can only come up with one thing: When Nymphs dance by streams and in the hills, they are classically depicted as being nude. The problem? How do they carry a sword, throwing stars, AND nun-chucks? Maybe if you gave her some sort of utility belt?

  5. Mickey's definitely right about the nudity. The problem is once equipped with a utility belt, they're borderline comical!

    Hmmm, maybe one day nymphs will regain their bad ass-edness.

  6. Go for it can't wait to see what you come up with. Blessings, Joanne

  7. Brianna - Thank you. I thought it would be fun to create an anti-stereotype character.

    Roy - The hydra was a nymph? I didn't know that. I thought she was some type of serpent. Thank you for the info and for stopping by.

    Mary - I was just wondering. Thanks for stopping by.

    Siv - Definitely.

    Mickey - I was thinking of creating a clothes wearing nymph who got tired of being considered a slut and starts taking revenge. I didn't want her to be anything like the nymphs in history, intentionally. But thank you for the reality check.

    Caitlin - Hopefully.

    Joanne - Thank you so much. I will definitely try to be original.

  8. I know a story was recently published about a dryad whose green blood was irresistible to a certain vampire. Dryads are technically nymphs, so that counts!

  9. Renee - Awesome! Now that is the kind of thing I want to hear. Thank you for sharing.


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