Saturday, April 16, 2011


Nymphs, at times thought of as nothing more than promiscuous females, originates from Greek mythology. Though, I don’t get to read a lot about nymph fiction characters. I would love to read more about some form of nymph character who isn’t supposed to be so beautiful that she is nothing but a seductress.

Come on people. Where are the bad ass nymph characters that, sure they are beautiful, but would kick your ass if you just looked at them wrong? After all, according to Greek mythology, some of them hung out with Artemis, who of course you know was a real bad ass.

According to me nymphs are very underrated and unfairly cheapened. I think I have to write my own version of a nymph story.

First gnomes and now nymphs. I am getting more ideas for stories day by day.

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