Thursday, April 14, 2011


I thought this up while trying to figure out my next novels storyline. Ok, so you have your leading lady and she has to choose between two possible love interests. But…one is true love and the other is simple lust. How is she to know which is which? Make the wrong choice and you could lose the love of your life forever.

Now I am thinking if I was her…how I would know the difference? How would I know that I am just lusting after a guy’s body and not him in general? I honestly don’t know. I suppose the one that loves you would care more about you while the one lusting after you would care for a more physical relationship. Regardless, such a choice or circumstance would be quite a dilemma. Let’s just hope I never get saddled with that choice. Dumping one guy and finding out months later that the one you chose dumped you for someone prettier…

I read the back covers of a few romance novels, who shall remain nameless, and it said something like “Will he be able to fight off his lust for her body or will she give into her love for him”. That theme came across a lot and that just confuses me even more. She loves him but he only lusts after her and they are supposed to live happily ever after? Come on! Why can’t he love her too?

Ok, I am driving myself crazy. But honestly, would you be able to tell the difference? Is there a safe choice?

Personally I would want the love…if I can spot the difference, but that’s just me.

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