Friday, April 22, 2011


Sorry people, I am not sharing any personal secrets from my bedroom, but I am acknowledging how damn hard it is to write about sex and seduction.

I use to think that romance was easy to write. Man was I wrong! Those ladies are brilliantly talented and creative. It takes a lot of skill to seduce the reader and make them experience each scene the way the characters do. Yes, everyone can write romance novel but not everyone can write it well. As I have found out first hand.

I have come to love and adore the romance genre. At first it was very awkward for me because I grew up in a very conservative household, so you can just imagine what I mean. But I have learnt to embrace my inner seductress, though I am not comfortable with people reading my romance scenes yet. Guess I will get there.

So thank you to all the wonderful romance authors that write about sex and seduction and who do it so brilliantly that they keep us coming back for more.


  1. Sex scenes are insanely hard to write.

    I'm not particularly comfortable with my friends and family reading sex scenes written by me either. My brother won't read my book because he knows there are sex scenes in it.

  2. M.J. - They are unbelievably hard to write well.
    My brother begged me not to put sex scenes in my upcoming books, but unfortunately, it is inevitable.

  3. When I started writing I wouldn't even let my characters hug. Now they do things I'd never even consider. ;-)

  4. C R Ward - I find it strange, all the things I allow my characters to get up to.


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